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‘Reflections’ casts a shadow on old AIPP admin

The AIPP Board has initiated an audit into the Reflections Project, after questions were raised by members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) regarding finances.
The AIPP issued a statement to members covering a number of issues raised at the AGM, which re-emerged following the unexpected leadership shake up and unexpected resignation of three AIPP board members and joint company secretary.


On Reflections…

The financial failure of the ‘Reflections’ project, as outlined in the report shared with AIPP members, is more a cause for regret than anger. The…

What’s inside Olive’s abandoned trunk?

At Spring Forest, the property where Olive Cotton lived for over fifty years, there is a large
traveller’s trunk that originally carried her belongings from Sydney to her new home in the country. At one point, it was filled with her photographs, the negatives and prints from the years spent working at the Max Dupain Studio. These days, the trunk sits on the dilapidated back verandah of the ‘old house’, which was Olive and her husband Ross McInerney’s first home.

AIPP: Déjà vu all over again?

The sudden and unexpected resignation of three AIPP National Board members, including former president Melissa Neumann, along with the joint company secretary, has left some members feeling the Institute is in a state of disarray and uncertainty.

Melissa Neumann was voted out of the role of AIPP president, with vice president Louise Bagger elected to replace her. The unexpected leadership shake-up triggered Melissa's resignation as a Board member, and soon after others followed.

Photos are now ‘private data’ in EU

The new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is creating uncertainty among professional and enthusiast photographers, with some schools in Germany banning all photography of students, and serious speculation as to whether street photography is even legal any more under the new data protection rules.