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Polaroid I-2 expands creative control

The new $1095 Polaroid I-2 takes the venerable brand’s instant camera range upmarket, adding some ‘photographerly’ features including manual controls and a superior lens.
It offers ‘the sharpest-ever Polaroid lens’ with an array of manual controls for greater creative flexibility and higher image quality.

‘…It was our dream to make a high-end Polaroid camera and give people more choice in the world of analog photography – a choice that many passionate photographers told us
they were craving,/ said Polaroid CEO Oskar Smolokowski. ‘To develop the I-2, we expanded
our engineering team and spent more than four years designing and finessing every element. It
is the most capable camera we’ve ever made and a true milestone in our journey.’

Local distributor Brands Australia said the I-2 (btw – that’s a capital I and the number 2, rather than a typo!) ‘will be of extreme interest to prosumer markets and the core dedicated Polaroid enthusiasts.’

‘We strongly believe an instant camera is the only compelling photography offering beyond your phone. We wanted to use the power of the smartphone to make it even more capable and allow users – beginners and enthusiasts – to take their photography to the next level,’ said Brands Australia managing director, John Rule.

The I-2 offers continuous autofocus and a three-element lens with a relatively wide aperture for depth of field control. Close focussing is down to 0.4m (1.3′).

Manual controls include shutter speed, aperture size and six different shooting modes. A large, bright optical viewfinder includes an integrated display of camera settings.

Polaroid I-2 is the first instant camera compatible with i-Type, 600 and SX-70 film and has a built-in lens thread mount compatible with 49mm filters. It features Bluetooth connectivity, and the accompanying app
allows firmware upgrades as well as complete remote control of the camera.

Key features

– Lens: 3-elements with continuous autofocus system. Capable of consistent ƒ/8 aperture across 0.4m (1.3′) ~ ∞ controlled via a stepper motor. Material: optical grade polycarbonate and acrylic with anti-reflective coating;
– LiDAR: high accuracy ranging system;
– Manual controls: camera mode, flash mode, distance to the object, shutter speed, aperture, and light meter indicator value are selectable on the camera and communicated through an integrated viewfinder display and external OLED display;
– Camera modes: auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, self-timer, multi-exposure;
– Flash: 2.5m (8′) range. Accurate, ‘human-friendly’ flash system;
– Design: Technical requirements and the lens dictate the camera’s shape. The exterior is made of high-quality ABS and PMMA plastic that is more impact-resistant and finished with a special coating
giving it a premium look and feel;
– Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via USB-C – 15-pack life between recharges;
– Compatible with Polaroid i-Type, 600, and SX-70 film;
– App-enabled: Download iOS or Android Polaroid App to enable full remote control and
firmware updates via Bluetooth;
– Tripod mount: standard 1/4-20 UNC thread;
– Built-in lens filter thread mount. Compatible with 49mm filters;
– 2.5mm audio mono jack flash sync interface. Compatible with external flashes;

The Polaroid I-2 instant camera is available for purchase on and through select retailers worldwide immediately, and in Australia from the end of October.

Polaroid I-2 Instant Camera RRP: $1095;
Polaroid Premium Shoulder Strap: RRP: $69.95;
Premium Case for Polaroid Cameras: RRP 89.95;
Polaroid I-2 Shoulder Holster RRP $89.95


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