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Ilford announces colour-accurate viewing lamp

The compact and affordable Ilford Ilfolux Colour Viewing Lamp transforms a photographer’s desk into a colour viewing workstation.

It’s perfect for hard proofing prints to your calibrated computer monitor and allows photographers, artists, graphic designers and printers to reference images, digital art, design work, fabrics and colour swatches under standardised lighting conditions to assist in print matching.

The Ilfolux Colour Viewing Lamp is extremely precise: It’s overall ‘Colour Rendering Index’ (CRI), which measures  the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce the colours of the object it illuminates, is 95 on a scale of 100 – with a ratings of 90 or above regarded as excellent.

It features four touchcontrolled colour temperature settings 3000K (tungstenbalanced) 4000K mid-warm); and 5000K and 6500K for daylightbalanced light – allowing you to assess your work in a variety of colour temperature settings. Light source is a colour accurate and power-saving LED unit, which enables the Ilfolux Lamp to be powered via a USB connection.

‘Many creatives work in a controlled colour workflow,’ explained Ian van der Volde, award-winning Australian photographer and Ilford Master. ‘The one thing which stands out to me is how very few view the final product under controlled conditions.

‘The affordable Ilford Ilfolux is a great addition for anybody wanting to complete their colour managed workflow.’

The Ilford IlfoLux Colour Viewing lamp will be available in April with a local RRP of $165.

Key features:
• Built in diffuser
• Does not emit UV radiation

• Adjustable dimming

• Adjustable positioning

• Sturdy base and desk mounting clamp included

• Compact spacesaving design

Click here to see the Ilford Ilfolux Color Viewing Lamp and Australian professional photographer Ian van der Volde in action.

With two Turn your desktop into a for less than $300

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