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Anglerfish and Zhiyun lighting, gimbals now in Australia

Australia’s leading independent distributor of photographic products, CR Kennedy has announced two premium additions to its extensive brand portfolio: iFootage lighting and camera accessories, and Zhiyun lighting and gimbals.

iFootage Anglerfish SL1 220DN LED Light

With origins in the demanding underwater lighting niche, iFootage Anglerfish creative LED lighting products have forged an unmatched reputation for colour accuracy. The custom design chip-on-board LEDs deliver a Colour Rendering Index of 95+, on a scale where anything over 80 is good and anything over 90 is excellent.

‘By replicating the natural light spectrum, the Anglerfish series provides unparalleled lighting quality, ensuring true-to-life colours and reduced blue light levels,’ explained  CR Kennedy director, Clem Kennedy. ‘This innovation enhances the output quality and a Bowens mount adapter empowers professionals to shape their lighting scenarios effortlessly.’

iFootage Anglerfish had its beginnings in 2015 when founder, Canadian Mazyar Jalayer designed and built an underwater remote strobe trigger for his photography. The trigger allowed him to shoot images taken with the strobe mounted off camera, allowing him to capture images that impressed other underwater photographers.

He was asked to manufacture more units and since then the brand has expanded to a premium range of products for underwater and studio photographers and filmmakers.

Zhiyun provides both lighting solutions and market-leading camera stabilization systems.

‘The portable FiveRay and Molus series from Zhiyun are tailored for semi-professional videographers and location photographers seeking versatile lighting options,’ said Clem. ‘These series offer portability without compromising on quality, providing lighting solutions that adapt to various creative needs. Zhiyun’s lighting range is targetted at  photographers seeking high-quality lighting solutions on the move.

Zhihun Crane 3S hand-held stabiliser.

Zhiyun is also a  global leader in camera stabilization. Zhiyun gimbals are renowned for their innovative design, user-friendliness, and exceptional performance. From smartphones to high-end DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, Zhiyun’s diverse product range caters to every level of expertise, empowering users to create cinematic-quality content.

‘As the exclusive Australian distributors for these brands, CR Kennedy continues to uphold its mission to provide the best tools to support professionals in their creative journeys. Whether in the studio or on location, the iFootage Anglerfish and Zhiyun lighting series offer professionals and enthusiasts unparalleled lighting solutions that redefine industry standards.’

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