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2023 Sony World Photography Awards Open results

The 2023 Sony World Photography Awards Open competition 10 category winner results are in, recognising the best single shots from 2022 entered into the contest.

Over 415,000 images from photographers residing in over 200 were submitted, with over 200,000 entered into the Open competition which is ‘open’ to photographers of all levels. Each winner receives digital imaging equipment from Sony, and will go on to compete for the Open Photographer of the Year title and a US$5000 (USD) prize.

The 2023 Sony World Photography Awards Professional competition results – the main event – will be announced at an Awards’ ceremony in London on April 13, along with the Open Photographer of the Year. Selected winning and shortlisted images will be shown as part of the Sony World Photography Awards exhibition at Somerset House from 14 April-1 May 2023.

Here are the 10 category winning images.

Winner, Travel: Max Vere-Hodge, United Kingdom. The Mundari Tribe of South Sudan appearing among the nightly fires they light to keep the tsetse flies and mosquitoes off their beloved Ankole-Watusi cows. Photo: Max Vere-Hodge.


Winner, Object: Mieke Douglas, Netherlands. All is not as it seems in a trompe l’oeil shot of flower-like plastic bags and tulle arranged as a bouquet, inviting us to take a second look. Photo: Mieke Douglas.


Winner, Portraiture: Sukhy Hullait (United Kingdom). “Charlie,” a portrait shot centre-frame of a young teenager who, along with his friends, decided to turn an abandoned pub car park into a skatepark when most were closed during the pandemic. Photo: Sukhy Hullait.


Winner, Motion: Zhenhuan Zhou, China Mainland. “Slam on the Brakes” captures a high-action moment from a barrel racing competition in Ontario, Canada. Photo: Zhenhuan Zhou.


Winner, Street Photography: Andreas Mikonauschke, Germany. “Exhausted,” shows a group of tired men after lifting and carrying heavy wooden frames with statues depicting biblical scenes through the streets of Andalusia during the traditional Easter processions of ‘Semana Santa’. Photo: Andreas Mikonauschke.


Winner, Lifestyle: Azim Khan Ronnie, Bangladesh. “Childhood,” captures children weaving in and out of scores of giant cones (topas) in a Bangladeshi rice processing plant as they play with a cart used by workers to carry and dry rice. Photo: Azim Khan Ronnie.


Winner, Creative: Boris Eldagsen, Germany. Haunting black-and-white portrait of two women from different generations, reminiscent of the visual language of 1940s family portraits. From the series “Pseudomnesia”. Photo: Boris Eldagsen.


Winner, Architecture: Mark Benham, United Kingdom. Silos and surrounding buildings in the Port of Brest in France. Photo: Mark Benham.


Winner, Landscape: Giorgos Rousopoulos, Greece. This mountain landscape was captured in Pindus National Park, Greece. The peak in the distance is Mount Tymfi, which stands at a height of 2,497 metres. Photo: Giorgos Rousopoulos.


Winner, Natural World & Wildlife. Dinorah Graue Obscura, Mexico. “Mighty Pair” was taken during a trip in South Texas and features two crested caracara birds standing still and looking out beyond the camera in the same direction, as if posing for the photographer. Photo: Dinorah Graue Obscura.

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  1. Leif Leif April 16, 2023

    As covered by Petapixel, the winner in the Creative category has turned out to be AI-generated rather than a photograph. The artist has declined to accept the award; the judges have been made to look rather silly since there are some clear clues in the photo that it is AI-generated (the hands).

    When even a prestigious contest like this one can let something like this slip through one wonders about the depreciation of awards values.

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