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Australians dominate 2020 Sony World Photography Awards

Three Australian photographers – Antoine Veling, Craig McGowan, and Adrian Guerin – have won categories at the 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.

Antoine Veling, Australia, Winner, Open, Culture, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.

The 2020 Sony World Photography Awards Open Competition consists of 10 categories, meaning Australia punched above its weight by accounting for the most winners from any country. Antoine won the Culture category, Craig won Landscape, and Adrian won Travel.

Sydney photographer, Antoine, captured the photo, Mark 5:28, at an Iggy Pop concert at the Sydney Opera House on April 17, 2019.

‘Depicting Iggy Pop in a crowd of dancing fans, the image focuses on the singer, a woman reaching to touch him and a stage assistant struggling to keep people at bay. The scene, which was likened to a Caravaggio painting, conjures a biblical passage,’ the press release said. Antoine quoted Mark 5:28, line 28, in his artist statement, ‘because she thought, “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed”.’

Antoine is an avid street photographer, and he captured the image on a Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV premium compact camera. He was also a finalist in the 2019 Australian Life Photography Prize for the photo.

Craig McGowan, Australia, Winner, Open, Landscape, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.

Chris won the landscape category for his image, Ice Reflections, captured at the Northeast Greenland National Park. It shows a solitary iceberg, surrounded by fjord walls with a perfect, crystal clear water reflection.

Independent photojournalist, Adrian, won the Travel category for Riding a Saharan Freight Train. It was taken atop the rear carriage of an iron ore train in Mauritania as it made a 700km journey from the coast to Zouérat, the country’s largest town in the north. Stretching 2.5km in length, it’s one of the longest trains in the world transporting more than 200 carriages.

Adrian Guerin, Australia, Winner, Open, Travel, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.

Adrian self-funded the trip and spent 26 hours on the freight train. Check out the story here.

Besides being one of the most prestigious international photography contests, the World Photography Awards is a brilliant marketing and PR exercise. It drip feeds press releases to maximise publicity, and for the 2020 contest there has been a fresh press release to unveil the opening of entries, the judges, the shortlist of finalists, shortlist of student finalists, individual national winners for many countries, the Zeiss Photography Award winners, the category winners (which we have today), and finally the overall winner on June 9.

Here’s a gallery of the remaining Sony World Photography Award category winners.

Santiago Mesa, Colombia, Street Photography, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.
Tom Oldham, UK, Portraiture, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.
Alec Connah, UK, Motion, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.
Suxing Zhang, China, Creative, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.
Rosaria Sabrina Pantano, Italy, Architecture, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.
Guofei Li, China, Natural World & Wildlife, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.
Jorge Reynal, Argentina, Still Life, 2020 Sony World Photography Awards.

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