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SHORTS & BRIEFS: September 2

We Leica quirky story – but stupid will do!

In our irregular Shorts & Briefs section we try to hunt up interesting or quirky stories, or new product announcements which are a bit ‘hob-hum’ to deserve a dedicated story.

The Funleader Leica M3 shutter speed brooch is promoted with Leica kit in the product shots. Can’t be too long until the patent lawyers come knocking!

When we aren’t able to find anything either interesting or quirky we will settle for stupid, which leads us to the Funleader Sterling Silver Leica M3 Replica Shutter Speed Dial pin.

It has nothing to do with photography – instead its a lovely little brooch ‘even used as earrings if a pair is picked up.’ Our guess here at Inside Imaging is that it also has nothing to do with Leica, which would be unlikely to licence Leica design to a cheap bling manufacturer. Leica would at least be looking for a premium bling manufacturer and the cost would be way over the US$39 ($US69 for the earring option) once its royalty fee was added.

The fact that photo news collector site PetaPixel decided to run an exhaustive (and exhausting) 500-word story (‘there does not seem to be shipping currently available to Kazakhstan, Armenia, or Russia’), compete with no less that 10 product shots on the Funleader brooch/earring makes you wonder: is it just a fundamental lack of understanding of what, exactly, might be of interest to people browsing a photographic website; a writer on training wheels; or has money changed hands?

We hereby urge the photographic industry to get off its collective backside and actually do or say something interesting so we don’t have to resort to reporting on reports on other websites. That’s Petapixel’s gig!

Tamron expands Nikon Z lens options

It appears that Canon and Nikon are not playing nice with their third-party lens manufacturing competitors, which has delayed the emergence of RF and ZA alternatives to their own lens products.

So for instance the Sony version of the popular long zoom, the Tamron 70-300 f/4.5-6.3 Di RXD III, which has an RRP of $999 (US$549!) and was launched almost two years ago, won’t be available in a Nikon ZA mount until later this year, with no sign of a Canon RF version so far.

Sony licences its lens mount design to third parties and as a consequence Sony camera owners have a much broader selection of lenses at a much broader range of prices.

Tamron claimed the Sony version of its 70-300mm is the smallest and lightest of its type. The Nikon ZA version is slightly heavier at 581 grams, and 2mm longer at 150mm, but still light, short and we assume, relatively affordable.

The news of its release in a ZA-mount version has been widely welcomed since it will provide an affordable telephoto option to owners of Nikon’s Z-mount cameras – including the cropped-sensor models. This lens has been designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and has been popular with Sony photographers. The Nikon version is a little larger than the Sony original,  with a length of 150 mm and a weight of 581 grams.

Local release date and pricing have still to be confirmed.

Another drone from DJI

DJI has announced the DJI Avata, a new 4K/60p ‘personal’ drone with a local RRP of $1998 for the drone itself, DJI Goggles 2 and DJI Motion controller.

The new drone weighs just over 400 grams and has a tiny 1/1.7-inch (7.6×5.7mm) CMOS sensor which is jam-packed with 48 million extremely tiny pixels for 48MP stills, 4K video at up to 60 frames per second (fps) and 2.7K video at up to 120fps.

The DJI Goggles 2 is a smaller, lighter headset. It uses a Micro OLED screen with adjustable dioptres.

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