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New Epson Surelab prints on both sides now

UPDATED WITH PURCHASE PRICE AND DETAILS, 20/10: Finally – an affordable countertop duplex photo printer: Independent Photographic Supplies (IPS) has announced immediate local availability of the long-awaited new duplex-capable Epson inkjet minilab printer, the Epson Surelab D1060.The Surelab D1060 – D100o in markets outside Australian and New Zealand – is a major technology upgrade to the proven Epson Surelab range. As well as duplex printing, it also features an improved ink delivery system, with the previous 200ml cartridges replaced by Epson’s ‘Integrated Ink Pack System’ 250ml ink bags – ‘which results in fewer ink changes, reduced downtime and less waste.’

The colour gamut of the Epson D6 dye-based inkset is far broader than silver halide.

The upgraded, dye-based 6-colour inkset uses variable sized droplets ‘for outstanding image quality with an enhanced gamut and D-Max.’

It is 16 percent smaller and 24 percent lighter than the D860 it is to replace, and boasts a faster print speed. The reduction in size and weight makes the D1060 a viable option for event printing, as well as in store or studio. The working life of the machine has been doubled to 400,000 prints

It can produce up to 460 4×6-inch borderless prints per hour (in Fast mode, 385 in Standard mode). It uses both sheet and roll-based media that comes in sizes ranging between 3.5-inch to A4, with a variety of surface finishes.

Productivity gets a further boost with its combination of 65-metre roll media and 100-sheet cassette. This not only allows different paper lengths but also different widths to be printed from one printer without intervention. 

Other features include an upgraded printhead and heating system, integrated media catcher at no additional cost, and a broader range of user-replaceable components.

It is available in Australia in single-sided/manual duplex form or with the optional auto duplex unit.

It takes single-sided 250 gsm roll paper and duplex cut sheet paper (in both 190 gsm and 250 gsm). Duplex printing can be manual using the base machine, or with the addition of the Auto Duplex Unit it can produce automatic borderless duplex prints.

The 1060 uses high volume (250Ml) ink , which reduce waster and extend

Duplex media: A5 (2 x 400 sheets); A4 (2 x 400 sheets); 4×6-inch (2 x 400 sheets); 5×7 (2 x 400 sheets); 8×10 (2 x 400 sheets); 15.2cm x 15.2cm (400 sheet); 21cm x 21cm (400 sheets)

Single-sided paper is available in 65-metre rolls from 3.5-inch through to A4.

All Surelab D1060 printers from IPS come with the Epson OEM Parts & Labour Warranty, with either 1 Year, 3 Year or 5 Year Coverage.

IPS points out that it is actually cheaper to buy the Auto Duplex Unit with the printer at the time of purchase, but it is also available as an option to buy later.

Purchase details

SIMPLEX Model (3Y) Warranty – $6 695.00 (+GST). This Model is basically a Single-sided roll-fed inkjet minilab up to 8in/ A-4 width – BUT, it will manually duplex print the sheet-fed media.

DUPLEX Model (3Y) Warranty – $7,695.00 (+GST). This Model will print on roll-fed paper BUT it will also auto duplex print via a special cut sheet media unit that the printer is mounted above.

Standard Accessories: All D1060s come with a full set of Epson 250ml Inks (6x Colour), plus required cables, cords, software, media spindle and maintenance tank PLUS:
BONUS Media Rolls (Simplex D1060 & Duplex): 4 Rolls of 6in Lustre, and 4 Rolls of 5in Gloss
BONUS Duplex Sheet Media (Duplex Printer Only): 800 Sheets of ‘DS’ 190gsm 4in x 6in Gloss Media; 800 Sheets of ‘DS’ 225gsm A-4 Lustre Media.

Independent Photographic Supplies also offers some unique added value when purchasing an Epson Surelab. ‘No charge’ technical services include full installation, network integration and professional colour profiling, while beyond the installation period, IPS offers an online remote diagnostic service for the term of your OEM Warranty.




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