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Elinchrom ELC 125 and 500 coming soon!

Kayell has announced the Elinchrom ELC 125 and 500, two mid-range compact studio monolights, will be available from March for $1175 and $1525.

The ELC 125 has 131Ws of power, while the ELC 500 has 522Ws, with both starting at a minimum power of 7Ws which can be adjusted in f-stop increments of .1 (manual) and .3(TTL).

The ELC 125 has +/- 150K colour stability across five stops, a flash duration of 1/7750 per second (t0.1), and recycling time at 230V of .06 – 0.45 seconds. The ELC 500 has +/- 200K colour stability over seven stops, a flash duration of 1/9430 per second (t0.1), and recycling time at 230V of 0.06 – 1.1 seconds.

The 125 is slightly lighter, weighing 2KG, while the 500 weighs 2.5KGs.

Both flashes by the Swiss lighting manufacturer are packed with features, with standards like TTL with Manual Lock and HSS Sync down to 1/8000s, through to functions like Smart ProActive Cooling, and Auto-On.

When Auto-On is activated, the ELCs effectively go into ‘standby mode’ and the previous saved settings and automatically loaded; the Manual Lock function enables a quick switch from TTL to Manual without losing exposure settings for quick adjustments; and with Smart Pro-Active Cooling the ELCs ‘learn your shooting style and adapt their cooling cycles around it’. Elinchrom adds the flashes have a specially engineered airflow design and low-noise, speed-controlled fan to handle heavy workloads.

The ELCs also have a Quick-Lock bayonet system that allows photographers to work with various Elinchrom light modifiers.

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