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Premium paper from Fujifilm – but not for us?

Fujifilm US used the annual conference of independent photo retailer group, IPI, to launch it’s new professional silver halide paper Crystal Archive Maxima.

Walt Parson’s, vice-president Professional Market Sales, (pictured right) was on hand to speak with retailer and lab customers and announce the new paper, which was also a feature of Fujifilm’s presence at the the WPPI wedding and portrait photographers’ conference, held the previous week, also in Las Vegas.

‘It’s the best photo paper we have ever created,’ said Walt Parsons.

Fujifilm has been a major sponsor of the International Print & Imaging Conference (IPIC) for two decades and has maintained a far closer relationship with specialist retailers in the US and Europe than it has in Australia.

Part of that closer relationship involves providing a fuller range of professional and photo specialist products in those markets.

The new paper is designed for fine art and gallery display. ‘The perfect match for customers with the ultimate quality demand and the pursuit of distinctive visual appearance.’

Promotional images for Fujifilm Maxima highlight the deeper blacks it delivers.

Features include:
– Optimized silver halide crystals for laser exposure yet optically compatible;
– Outstanding image lifespan: 40 percent increase compared to current professional photo papers using xenon light;
– High maximum density (+0.3 D-max) results  in great shadow details and noticeably deeper deep blacks;
– Exceptional colour gamut increase of a minimum 10 percent.

The paper will be available in both glossy and matte surfaces. Sizes will range from 15 to 50 inches.

Inside Imaging has asked Fujifilm Australia for local release details, but with no response so far. In the US and Europe Fujifilm offers a broad range of specialist silver halide papers ccsuch as canvas textured, pearl, silk and metallic. The Fujifilm US website features 15 different substrates, whereas Fujifilm Australia only suppplies local labs and photographers with two options – Crystal Archive Type II and Crystal Archive Professional.

Given the lack of response from Fujifilm Australia, and its previous reluctance to supply the Australian industry with a full range of silver halide paper product, it’s probable that Australians will be denied access to this new improved Maxima paper as well.

Here’s a brief video to show you what we are missing out on:

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  1. Why Fuji Australia?! Why Fuji Australia?! March 8, 2019

    I thought since Fuji Australia got rid of that fat, (deleted) guy that things would improve…but they didn’t.
    Fuji are arrogant like Kodak was in the bad old days.

    That (deleted) guy now sells pet thingies in to Harvey Normans now.

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