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CCP Photo Fair celebrates local photographers

Melbourne’s Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) will return to its photographic roots in bringing together nine Australian commercial photographers for its inaugural Photo Fair, a four-day event in August exhibiting over 70 artworks and featuring talks and discussions.

CCP Photo Fair Kate Ballis
Kate Ballis, Fortune, 2018. 1000mm x 1500mm print on cotton rag, framed using non-reflective glass in a lilac frame.

Taking place from August 15 – 18, CCP director Adam Harding told Inside Imaging the nine photographers were selected for their ability to seamlessly traverse between commercial and art photography.

Some photographers are at emerging stages of their careers while others, such as George Apostolidis, are master photographers showing little sign of slowing down.

Here are the nine photographers, along with CCP’s description of their work:
George Apostolidis brings with him the full power of his award-winning career as he
looks back at key advertising images from the power lunch fueled 1980’s;
Kate Ballis transforms the patterns and textures found within the Palm Springs
environment, to create images that, while being wholly grounded, feel otherworldly;
Anita Beaney reflects on moments of solitude and beauty with a romanticised film-
based photographic practice;
Tom Blachford explores the ability of the photographic medium to bridge our worlds
transport us to a parallel future;
– ‘It’s John Wayne taking a bubble bath by candlelight,’ says Jo Duck, whose photography is a
tongue-in-cheek exploration of what it means to be the ‘ultimate man’ in love;
– The lucid landscapes of James Geer are both evidence and allegory, a portrait of
changing dimensions with endless narrative potential;
– ‘The built environment is a distorted reflection of what came before it’. Bathed in soft
glows, Tom Ross’ photography finds visual harmony in the beautiful details and
proportions of the world around us;
Isamu Sawa delicately photographs wilting flowers rescued from his wife’s floristry
studio – these textural, large-scale images reflect on beauty, death and renewal;
Saskia Wilson draws our attention to global issues of displacement; privilege and
freedom harnessed by a skillful use of light on the fringes of the Greek coast.

The photographers will show their work and present talks about their project and their artistic approach. CCP Photo Fair will also include book launches and panel discussions. It’s free to attend, with all artworks for sale in editions. Prices start at $1000.

‘Anyone interested in buying photography, whether it’s their first artwork or building a collection – it’s a great opportunity to meet the artist and hear directly about what’s inspired them and background about the work they’re purchasing,’ Adam said. ‘The talks will delve into how the photographers’ love for the medium works to influence and inspire their commercial practice. These are photographers capturing images every day of the week, but are also driven to pick up the camera for personal or passion projects.

George Apostolidis’ talk, From Power Lunches to Plush Hotels, will cover how he burst onto the scene in the 1980s by landing jobs through Wolfgang Sievers; built a reputation for creating meticulously-crafted advertising images; and thus travelled the world as a corporate photographer for luxury hotels. Friday, August 16, 11:30-12pm.

CCP Photo Fair George Apostolidis
George Apostolidis, Bourjois Pencils 1983 2019 Type C Prints Each 140 x 113cm.

Having been appointed CCP’s director in September 2018, Adam has a fresh approach to the role. He replaced Naomi Cass, who retired after 14 years at the helm of CCP.

‘Since beginning my directorship, I have been inspired by the story of CCP’s inception and the photographers and teachers who came together to establish a resource for education about photography, provide technical support for practitioners and present exhibitions,’ Adam said. ‘Bernie O’Regan, Christine Abrahams, Nanette Carter, John Cato, John Gollings, Carolyn Lewens, Norbet Loeffler, Ruth Maddison, Tony Perry, Robert Randall, Henry Von Bibra and Les Walkling came together in 1986 to form the Victorian Centre for Photography.

Adam explained how CCP’s founding photographers worked across the spectrum of photography, specialising not just in fine art but also commercial, editorial and documentary. Adam hopes that by supporting local working photographers beyond the art exhibition circuit, CCP will reignite its engagement with a broader section of the photo community.

CCP Photo Fair Jo Duck
Jo Duck, Romantic Boys.

For Photo Fair, 30 commercial photographers who work closely with local businesses and organisations were asked if they had a project to contribute.

‘We have had a very supportive response from our peers within the commercial sector, many have been humbled and touched that CCP has reached out to them as they have longed to be part of our community, for some since their first participation in (CCP) Salon. (It’s our aim) To extend our circle of supporters, beyond those actively engaged with the exhibition of photography, and celebrate all modes of its practice.

Photo Fair replaces the former CCP Fundraiser, with commission from each artwork sold supporting the CCP.

Photo Fair dates
Thursday 15 August, 11am-5pm
Friday 16 August, 11am-9pm
Saturday 17 August, 11am-7pm
Sunday 18 August, 11am-5pm

CCP Photo Fair Tom Blachford
Tom Blachford, Big Sight II 2017 Inkjet Print on Canson Platine paper 78.5 x 118.9cm

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