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Melbourne’s Photo Show gains traction

Michaels major annual event, Melbourne’s Photo Show, has proven a growing success, with record numbers of attendees flocking to the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets on May 12.

Melbourne’s Photo Show consisted of a trade show with brand reps, along with 15 activities ranging from free photo walks or presentations, through to product demonstrations and workshops.

Most events were free, with Sony, Profoto, Fujifilm and Canon hosting seminars, and the full spread of leading photo brands supporting the event.

Peter Michael told PhotoCounter that suppliers were busy throughout the day, and reported steady sales. A ‘resounding success’, with ‘no standout winners or losers’.

The only issues were good ones – the free Canon Print Hub ran out of paper, the Profoto A1 lighting demos created traffic jams, and the Sony blogging seminar quickly booked out.The aim of the Melbourne Photo Show is to inspire hobbyist and enthusiasts to shoot and print more images; showcases latest releases; increase sales; assist consumers with understanding the advantages of camera technology over phones; and cement Michaels profile as the destination for photography in Melbourne and beyond.

Michaels plans to continuously improve and enhance the event.
– Will Shipton


  1. Paul Atkins Paul Atkins June 2, 2018

    Looks fantastic! What a great initiative, well done.

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