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ID Station goes online

The ID Station biometric passport/ID photo system now has an online source for customers to store and access ID photos, in addition to hard copy pics handed over at the counter.

A code is generated with ID photos which enables access to online image files.

When customers order up ID Station Online, their biometrically-conforming passport pics comes with a unique code. If they then go to they can key in the code and have access to the digital image file, which they can download freely for six months from the date they are taken. After six months they are automatically deleted.

(Note to local distributor Brands Australia: the website also has a store locator which shows Melbourne as an outer suburb of Amsterdam!)

ID Station Online is well ahead of the technological curve in Australia. No Australian government departments – neither the passport office nor state drivers licence offices – is yet to take up a purely online photo ID system. People applying for a passport renewal still need to appear in person with their passport photos at their local accredited Post Office.

Suggested RRP for the online service is $19.95, in addition to the cost of the passport pics.  Photographers offering passport pics need to purchase a new software module from Brands Australia  to take part in IS Station Online.

Brands Australia told Inside Imaging that it is only ‘possibly, in time’ that federal and state government departments will move to an online photo ID system, which is currently being adopted in the UK, Canada, France and NZ.¬† People from these countries using the ID Station service may be able to use ID Station Online from Australia.


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