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New Kodak instant camera launches

Brands Australia has announced local availability of the Kodak Printomatic instant camera.
The Printomatic has a 10-megapixel sensor in addition to printing 2×3-inch ‘Zink’ instant prints free of ink cartridges, toner or film. Prints are ‘durable, water- and tear-resistant’, with an adhesive back. It can shoot a new photo while printing the previous shot ‘so you’ll never miss a special moment.’

The Printomatic is actually being produced by C+A Global, which is also responsible for the remarkably similar-looking Polaroid Snap. Those with an appreciation of irony will perhaps smile at the notion of a Kodak re-badged Polaroid camera, given the epic lawsuit between the two companies back in the 1990s which saw Polaroid walk away with close to US$1 billion for infringement of its instant photography patents.

Kodak Printomatic features:
– 10-megapixel camera;
– Built-in flash;
– Built-in lithium ion battery with low battery indicator;
– Two picture modes: vibrant colour, black & white;
– Printer status indicator;
– MicroSD card slot/indicator;
– Choice of two colours – grey or yellow.

The Kodak Printomatic is available now at an RRP or $179.95. The camera comes with a USB cable, a Quick Start Guide, a 10-pack of Kodak Zink Photo Paper and a microSD memory card. A 20 pack of film will be $26.95 while a 50 pack will set you back $56.95.











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  1. STM STM 08/03/2018

    Geez those big bucks marketing wizzkids must have burnt the midnight oil going through all the 1960’s catalogues to come up with the
    “Printomatic” Seriously !

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