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New Brands man in New Zealand

Brands New Zealand, distributor of Polaroid instant imaging products, and ID Station biometric passport photo systems has announced the appointment of Alan Bowman to the position of sales and support business development manager.

Alan-BowmanHe will work alongside Chris De Witt of Endurance (long-time partner for Polaroid in NZ).

Alan (pictured right) is tasked with ‘bringing the iconic Polaroid brand and ID Station biometric passport system launch further, and to take the brand to the next level into the New Zealand markets.’

‘With Alan’s additional focus on the NZ territories (working with Endurance), Brands New Zealand will continue the legacy NZ region by offering leading class customer service and access to some of the world’s best brands in the region with product offering of Polaroid instant cameras in both digital and classic forms, 600 / SX 70 instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras as well as Impossible own brand hardware and the class-leading ID Station biometric passport photo system.’

‘Our aim is to bring further customers in New Zealand the same experience that has flourished in Australia and Asian markets,’ explained John Rule, managing director, Brands New Zealand. ‘We’ve worked hard to find the right people to introduce our brands in the market with a focus on tailoring our sales and marketing efforts to be relevant to the local market.

‘This is an exciting step for the Brands Australia group of companies as we now truly have a national presence and we know with Alan’s experience and reputation in the NZ Photo and Mass Channels he will be a great addition to our team, bringing many years of experience in the photographic trade, working on wholesale and retail sectors of the industry, with many years as a sales rep and retailer .’

Alan Bowman can be contacted on mobile +64 21 629982 or on e-mail

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