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Sony TV ad disses DSLRs

Sony Australia this week launches a new ad campaign highlighting the advantages of Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras over DSLR cameras.

The ad centres on a giant mirror being smashed.
The ad centres on a giant mirror being smashed.

The campaign, across broadcast, digital and retail channels, ‘aims to build awareness of the benefits of Sony’s mirrorless camera technology, and its ability to offer the same professional picture quality as DSLRs, minus the added weight and bulk traditionally required to house an internal mirror.’

A 30-second  TV commercial – which centres on a giant mirror being smashed accompanied by a soundtrack of a woman who seems to be in severe pain – will appear on networks Seven, Ten and Eleven. It is locally produced but shot in Namibia.

‘The campaign shatters the myth that DSLR style cameras are the go-to models for professional and amateur photographers a-like (sic); highlighting that mirrorless is the way of the future,’ the press release states.

‘We wanted to make a statement with this campaign, and end the misconception that large-format DSLR cameras are the only way to achieve high-end photographs,’ said Sam Williams, head of Marketing Communications at Sony Australia and New Zealand.

‘We look forward to seeing how consumers respond.’

‘This campaign centres around what Sony removed to take photography forward. The mirrorless technology in Sony’s new Alpha range will transform the category and render the DSLR’s hold on high-end photography a thing of the past,’ said Tim Green, executive creative director, Havas Worldwide, which developed the campaign. ‘This is a beautifully simple and powerful line drawn in the sand.’

Versions of the ad and other collateral can be seen here.

Have a look at the TVC and feel free to share your assessment with others (including Sony) via our Readers Comments… 

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  1. Richard M Richard M May 8, 2015

    It’s a great campaign that puts the term “mirrorless” out there, where manufacturers and retailers have been mired in nomenclature uncertainty. Is it CSC? EVIL? Stupid acronyms that meant nothing to retailers, manufacturers or consumers. This campaign puts a memorable visual to the word “mirrorless”. Having worked in several retailers in various roles, Sony’s previous radio campaign of “DSLR-quality in a compact body” for the NEX series was so successful in bringing people into store and asking for the Sonys by name. Methinks you underestimate this new campaign!

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