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iPhone 6 Plus chucks a wobbly

Not only does the Apple iPhone 6 Plus tend to bend, but reports are now emerging in the US of a serious flaw in the flagship smartphone’s camera.

wobblySeveral pages of ‘me too’ comments follow a complaint on an Apple Discussion forum that the iPhone 6 Plus produces wavy-looking, blurred photos and videos – even when the photographer is stock still. It seems the problem could be related to the iPhone’s optical stablisation or autofocus system. (This is the first iPhone with OIS.) Some users reported hearing a clicking sound from inside the phone when the camera is in use.

Apple has been quickly but quietly replacing the faulty iPhones, although hasn’t yet publicly conceded it has a problem.

According to some users, the blurry photos issue is exacerbated when the iPhone has been exposed to extended periods of vibration – such as in a car. According to iPhone owners who have encountered the problem, it develops over time.

View a video demonstrating the iPhone 6 Plus camera’s odd behaviour here.

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