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Sony continues ‘DSLRs users are muppets’ campaign

Sony has released its second iteration of a campaign promoting its mirrorless NEX range of cameras by mocking DSLR users.

Clueless DSLR users are the target of Sony’s mockery in its latest advertising campaign for NEX cameras. (Is that an Alpha?)

The Sony press release follows:

DSLR ‘phonies’ be warned: Sony’s NEX ‘DSLR Gear No Idea’ campaign is returning for a second year. It builds on 2012’s successful and light-hearted creative that mocked DSLR owners who fumble with the settings and missed the perfect shot – even though they never take their camera out of auto mode.

The 2012 campaign was viewed by 3.8 million people across 128 blogs in 16 countries and featured a variety of DSLR ‘tragics’ including ‘Macro Freaks’, ‘Flashers’, ‘Lens Spotters’, ‘F-Stop Fusspots’, ‘Vidiots’ and ‘Status Updaters’.

In 2013 Sony focuses on the two most identifiable characters: the ‘Sideline Hero’ and the ‘Foreign Correspondent’. They make fools of themselves at a lads’ bowls day and when capturing their daughter’s tennis practice. In each scenario our ‘tragics’ struggle with their DSLRs before ditching their gear for a Sony NEX.

Ervin Quek, marketing manager of Digital Imaging, Sony Australia said, ‘We loved the good-humoured insight of last year’s “DSLR Gear No Idea” campaign so much we decided to build on its success by re-visiting our characters in new scenarios and offering them the NEX alternative.

‘With this year’s campaign our goal is to further increase consumer awareness about alternative cameras available to non-professionals who want to take better photos. Sony’s NEX compact system camera range can help put a stop to all those embarrassing DSLR moments.’

The two new videos, housed on the Sony Australia YouTube channel (with Comments Disabled), will be seeded via social media, online publications and photo enthusiast blogs and websites. Our characters will also make an appearance in cinema this year so we can see their antics on the big screen.

(Release ends.)

COMMENT: Still not quite sure whether contempt is the ideal attitude for Sony to display towards the single most important group of non-professional customers the photo industry is able to call its own. Let’s hope they (keen enthusiasts) see the funny side!



  1. Way_noway Way_noway May 2, 2013

    The sooner this Apple-clone aspiring, Television manufacturer leaves the Photographic market, the better.

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