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Short Exposures: October 24

Canon moving house…Wedding photography BOOMING!…Apple shrouds photo services in secrecy…

Canon moving house
Canon Australia is scheduled to move into a newly-constructed five-storey building just up the road from its current premises by next April.

Canon employees sign a steel girder which will be used in the new Canon building (aka 'New Spaces'). Canon PR consultancy issues a press release to mark the occasion.
Canon employees sign a steel girder which will be used in the new Canon building (aka ‘New Spaces’). Canon PR consultancy issues a press release to mark the occasion.

Situated just 200 metres from the existing Canon building, at 5 Talavera Rd, North Ryde, the new Canon headquarters ‘will represent state of the art design and construction’ and accommodate more than 700 employees.

‘The internal design and floor plan will support a high performance workspace and have aspects of flexible activity based working,’ the press release stated. (BYO yoga mats?)

In recognition of this milestone in what Canon calls the ‘New Spaces’ project, employees signed a steel roof beam, which will be used within the building structure.

“Our employees have been deeply engaged in the New Spaces project, their participation and support has shaped important decisions, from internal furniture selection to seeking initiatives on how to be more sustainable in our new building,’  said Ian Flemington, general manager, Human Resources and Communication.

Wedding photography BOOMING!
Among the random press releases arriving in the inbox this week, (‘SensoGlove wins GOLF magazine’s Techy Awards, ‘The Future is Here…But are You still In the Past?) was ‘Revealed: Top 50 Local Business Industries for 2013.

The revelation comes from a website called, which isn’t in the retro clothing business but is a sort of a portal for small service businesses.

It came by it’s revelation by ‘pulling’ data from over 35,000 Australian service providors during the period July-September this year.

This pulled data ‘reveals’ that the fastest growing small business sector is wedding photography – with a 263.33 percent increase (two decimal points are so reassuring) in job requests from Q2 to Q3 2013. This sent wedding snappers hurtling up the ranks to #29, from a lowly 52 the previous quarter. Possibly something to do with people getting married towards the warmer months of the year, perhaps?

Your common or garden variety photographer, however, only enjoyed an 89.90 percent  increase, moving them one rung up from 19th to 18th, nestling between plasterers and carpenters. Topping the list were removalists and cleaners.

Apple shrouds photo services in secrecy
Apple is ramping up its move into photo services with new-generation iPhoto functions to support the new iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks operating systems.

IPhoto for Mac and iOS are now 64-bit, making browsing and editing faster and smoother. IPhoto for iOS has a new design which Apple says is cleaner and easier to use. There are new tools and effects and you can also share your images as custom slideshows that you can pause, rewind and fast forward using gestures, ‘or order them as professional-quality prints, including panoramas, and as gorgeous hard cover books that you create using Multi-Touch’.

We went back to Apple’s PR people to ask how the iPhoto service was travelling, who was handling the orders, that sort of thing. The response – No way Jose!: ‘I would be happy to provide you with print samples of some of the print products for you to review. Please let me know if this is of interest.’ As for telling consumers how and by whom the professional-quality prints or gorgeous hard-cover books were made: ‘We do not have any further details to share with you in regards to the type of technology used or Apple’s future plans.’

So we asked for the offered print samples but went back one more time just to make sure the Apple communications policy was as Stalinist as it seemed. ‘Are you saying that it’s basically a ‘no comment’ communications strategy from Apple on print technology, media used, print service providor and trends in this aspect of the business?’ we asked.

We only comment on our product offerings. Apple does not comment on its business operations, including how its offerings are created,‘ confirmed Fiona Martin, Apple Australia’s director of Corporate Communications. (Ie, ‘Just run the bloody press release and stop bothering me.’)

Looking forward to the print samples. Anyone more information on the deep, deep corporate secret of the  fulfillment structure behind Apple’s iPhoto services would be most welcome.




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