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Short Exposures: October 3

A case for the fashionistas…Bags of Lowepro bags…Tiny Lumix ILC to use electronic shutter…And new Sony NEX uses FF sensor?…Australian tops astro-photography comp…Pixifoto uglies up children, says mum

A case for the fashionistas…
Brands Australia has announced two new cases suitable for Polaroid 300 instant camera range – an over-arm leatherette fashion case and a clam shell hard protection case.

PolaroidBoth cases allow the camera to be fully functioning while in the case. Users can turn on the camera, adjust scene settings and take instant photos. The leatherette style case is available in five colours; black, white, blue, pink, and brown, while the clam shell hard case is available in a vintage white colour with rainbow colour spectrum – paying homage to the traditional Polaroid One Step cameras.

‘These new line of accessories are the perfect way to add value to Polaroid classic instant cameras and increase margins for our retail partners,’ said John Rule, managing director,  Brands Australia. Both styles of cases have an RRP of $29.95.

In addition, all Polaroid 300 Classic Instant Cameras will be pre-packaged with the white clam shell hard case to provide a more complete, added-value package.

Bags of Lowepro bags
Maxwell International has announced the availability of two new Lowepro bags – the Nova Sport AW (below left) and the Urban Reporter (below right). Both are available in three sizes.

Lowepro_CompThe Nova Sport AW is a photo enthusiast’s ‘adventure bag’. It has space for technical tools and personal items, and offers dedicated space for a laptop or tablet. Features include: removable camera insert with an adjustable divider system; stretchmesh side pockets and a front zippered pocket; lightweight and resilient tech fabrics for durability; built-in All Weather AW Cover.

Prices range from $75 – 149.

The Urban Reporter is a multi-purpose messenger bag. It includes leather touchpoints and silent closures. The outer fabric is soft twill, made of colourfast spun polyester and treated to resist static and stains. The removable interior camera insert is padded and adjustable to fit a variety of gear configurations. Additional features include: tall side pockets, a convertible back pocket/trolley sleeve; multi-pocket front storage compartment; anti-slip and adjustable shoulder strap with padding.

Prices range from $129 – 185

Tiny Lumix ILC to use electronic shutter
The Pentax Q7 could be about to lose its title as the smallest interchangeable lens camera to the Panasonic Lumix GM1, if the extremely active camera rumour mill is corrrect.

The GM1, according to 43 Rumors, will be announced this month and will feature a Micro Four Thirds sensor. The designers have managed to cram the comparatively large area sensor (the Q7 has a 1/1.7-inch sensor) into the camera by introducing an electronic shutter. Removing the physical shutter allowed the company to shrink the camera down to tiny proportions, said to be something around the size of the Sony RX100MII.

…And new Sony NEX to use FF sensor?
Another rumour doing the rounds is that Sony will announce at least one full-frame NEX model this month – the first mirrorlesws interchanegable with a 35mm (36mmx24mm) sensor. The fresh today update is that there could be two cameras – one with a 24-megapixel sensor and a premium model with a 36-megapixel sensor.

Australian tops astro-photography comp

The Astronomy Photographer of Year 2013 contest was won by Australian photographer Mark Gee, who also took out the Earth and Space category with his image Guiding Light to the Stars, showing the Milky Way seemingly emerging from the light of a New Zealand lighthouse.

‘I took a wide pano made up of 20 individual images to get this shot. Stitching it together was a challenge, but the result was worth it!’ Mr Gee explained.

Pixifoto uglies up children, says mum
One of the unsecured creditors lining up for a 30 to 40 cents in the dollar payment from the Pixifoto administrators (see separate story) will be Melbourne mother Samwarit Tuku, who won a case against the company in the  Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

She claimed the Target Chadstone-based Pixifoto outlet made her children look ugly. (Which kind of begs a question. Or is it just me?)

Unsurprisingly, no-one from Pixifoto or the administrators showed up to represent the case for the other side, which led to VCAT member Dr Rebecca French ordering the company to refund the $792 paid for a bunch of block-mounted prints and a CD.



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