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PROtog launches new studio flash range

PROtog has launched Jinbei, a new studio flash brand for the Australian marketplace.

Jinbei Discovery II 600 – a 600-watt battery powered flash kit.

Jinbei, China’s largest flash manufacturer, was established in 1995. It designs, develops and manufactures high quality, innovative lighting and accessories.

‘We’re really excited to bring Jinbei to Australia. Chinese design, development and manufacturing is getting to the point now of leading our industry, and Jinbei is a perfect example of this,’ said Jeff Servaas, director, PROtog.

‘Jinbei isn’t “good, but”, it’s not “good, except for” – it’s good, full stop. It’s no-compromise product and we can’t wait to see it grow in the Australian market.’

The product range includes portable studio flash kits, high output LED lights with Bowens-type mounts for modifiers, high capacity inverter power packs for location power, and a range of quick folding studio flash softboxes.

PROtog says that Jinbei takes quality control very seriously, and its products have passed GS, CE, ROHS certifications of TÜV and SGS Institutions. Every Jinbei flash unit is soak-tested for an extended period before leaving the factory, ‘ensuring a product you can rely on out of the box’.

PROtog is looking for partners interested in stocking the new brand. There is a healthy margin across the range for dealers, and PROtog says retail prices ‘redefine the pricepoint for such advanced and high quality products’.

For further information contact Brian McKinnon ( or Mike Griffiths (


  1. Ron Frank Ron Frank December 15, 2013

    Another new player the questions to ask ourselves before we commit to supporting an unknown Marque.:
    Who is the stockist in each state?
    Who is the service agent in each state?
    Is the unit carrying Australian power approvals?
    In the event of a consumer complaint who will resolve ?
    What features does the Marque offer , I.e. Does it represent good value?
    How many models and accessories are available and in I what time?
    Ron Frank
    West Australia

    • Brian Mckinnon Brian Mckinnon December 16, 2013

      Hi Ron.

      I will try to answer your questions.

      1/ Currently the stockist in WA is Camera Electronics. It’s early days and we look forward to continuing to work to grow this.

      2/ We service the units here in Melbourne, similar to every current Flash brand in Australia that either service from Melbourne or Sydney.

      3/ Currently all Jinbei flash equipment we have chosen to import is battery powered, and yes, I am pleased to announce that Jinbei will supply these products into our market with Australian C-Tick approved power supplies.

      3/ Any consumer complaint will be handled by our stockists and or ultimately Protog as the importer. Protog has been in business around 8 years.

      4/ Having sold many flash systems, over 34 years in this industry, I can wholeheartedly say Jinbei is a leader in Features and Value against all competitors. We will be announcing an ambassador to our Brand in the future who bought a Discovery II 1200 kit (paid for it) and was so impressed he is moving on his European brand. Keep an eye on our web site and or Facebook page for updates.

      5/ Currently we import 2 models of Jinbei flash, the Discovery 600 and the 1200. Jinbei also make many more items and only some we are currently importing. They include items like the Energon 350 lightweight 240 volt inverter, for use with most studio mono blocs, giving users freedom to use their current lights in the field.

      Thanks for the opportunity to answer these valid questions.

      I would like to finish by saying that I have represented every Flash brands in Australia in my time in this industry, many at a wholesale level and a few at retail. C-Tick approval is something that I have been asked about more times in the past 12 weeks than I was asked in 32 years of selling known Brands. In fact the amount of times I was asked previously was zero. I assume this is the price of admission for most new brand but we are in a changing market and a changing landscape.

      • Brian Mckinnon Brian Mckinnon December 16, 2013

        Regarding stock support
        We currently have in stock quantities of every reflector Jinbei make from 120 degree’s to 35 Degree’s, 5 original Jinbei soft boxes and many generic alternatives, Spare batteries, Spare remotes, Stands, Booms, and even an alternate carry bag solution, etc all currently in stock and available.

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