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New Metz studio flash kits

CR Kennedy is introducing an all-new line of affordable Metz mecastudio studio flash kits into the Australian market.

The Metz mecastudio BL-200 kit.
The Metz mecastudio BL-200 kit.

German manufacturer Metz, renowned for its Hammer Head flash units and speedlights for major camera brands, is making its first steps into the studio flash segment with the Metz mecastudio range, designed for photographers moving up from on-camera flash.

CR Kennedy says that price points are aimed at enthusiasts and ‘will commence well below $1000’.

First kits available are based on the BL-400 and BL-200 flash units, with outputs of 400 Ws/Guide Number 65 and 200 Ws/Guide Number 45 respectively.

The studio flash kits are:
– the BL-400 SB-Kit II, comprising two mecastudio BL-400 studio flash units with flex and sync cables; protective caps; two air-cushioned 200cm tall lighting tripods; two soft boxes; and a carry bag.
-The BL-200 SB/UM-Kit II contains two BL-200 mecastudio studio flash units with flex and sync cables; a standard reflector; protective caps; two 200cm air-cushioned lighting tripods; one black/white umbrella; one soft box; and a carry bag.



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  1. Ron Frank Ron Frank December 15, 2013

    A very old name making studio flashes as far back as 1956 and a great ring flash distributed by Hanimax, later making brilliant portable over the shoulder and towards the end fantastic on camera units.
    I feel that this like all their other efforts will be well patronised
    Ron Frank
    Perth W.A

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