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Secure enclosure for retail iPads

Australian designers Studio Proper has announced the Wallee Lock, a secure enclosure for the Apple iPad, suitable for retail environments.

The iPad can now be securely installed in Studio Proper’s anti-theft Wallee Lock, when combined with an original Wallee Mount, in either landscape or portrait view to suit any environment.

‘The lock system is the safest on the market. We’ve designed this enclosure using top quality materials so iPad users can confidently display the device and have a stream of customers using it without any risk to the device,’ said Alon Tamir, founder of Studio Proper.

The innovative Australian-designed product is now available in black and white for $89.95. The Lock works in conjunction with the Wallee Case and Wall Mount Disk, sold separately. Studio Proper is offering free shipping for these products.

There is a range of apps available to further improve the performance of iPads in-store, including a kiosk app and a digital signage app.


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