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IDEA aspires to expansion

The new constitution of IDEA (formerly PICA) re-establishes the association to cover consumer electronics, and incorporates New Zealand into its territory.

Where the old PICA constitution referred to promotion of the photographic industry, IDEA’s principal purpose is to ‘promote the imaging and consumer electronics industries’, reflecting an ambition driven by  current president Dave Marshall to expand the scope of the association.

The IDEA constitution also provides greater clarity on the potential new structure of the association, in which a new class of ‘associate membership’ has been created, open to anyone who is ‘an active participant in, or has an active interest in, the imaging or digital entertainment industries in Australia or New Zealand.’

In a previous article, IDEA CEO Katherine Singson said a multi-tiered model as outlined by Dave Marshall had been shelved for the time being.

Asked about the disconnection between the reality of the current operation and what the association’s constitution outlines, Ms Singson indicated that the provision to move into New Zealand and open up to associate members was with an eye to the future, rather than for immediate implementation.

‘The new constitution…allows the organisation to develop with the maximum flexibility to meet future changes in the market that have both been foreseen and possibly unforeseen.

‘For instance, as many of our members have operations in New Zealand it could well be that at some time in the future, more synergy may wish to be developed between the two markets.

‘We should absolutely include NZ wherever possible and appropriate. Some great photographers there and what a place!\

Marketing group formed

While there are no immediate plans to create the associate membership class as outlined in the new constitution, Ms Singson did flag the creation of a ‘special marketing group’ which is to meet for the first time today (September 12), one year out from the 2013 Digital Show.

‘It has also been recognised by the various company MDs that make up our membership that when it comes to issues of marketing and promotion there are many enthusiastic people from both within existing member companies and outside of the group potentially that could make a valuable national contribution towards achieving our objectives.

‘For this reason we are in the process of forming a special marketing group. This group itself will decide on how it wants to be structured, referred to and what activities it will undertake, so I’m not in a position to give further information just yet…’

Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Fujifilm, Kayell, Maxwells, Epson and CR Kennedy are all members of the as-yet unnamed marketing group, with ‘guest attendees’ from HP, Panasonic and Samsung.

While these companies are not fully representative of IDEA’s membership, which comprises a majority of ‘second tier’ suppliers (who pay the same membership fees as larger companies), Ms Singson said that membership would eventually be opened up.

‘This initial meeting was only our board member companies plus a few guests just to get things going, but yes, definitely plan to open it up to other organisations moving forward…. just needed to get going, get started,’ she said.

Significant players – most of which are also consistent supporters of the annual exhibition –  such as Adeal, IPS, APS, L&P, Photo Direct and Tasco – have so far been overlooked. (It might also be noted that Panasonic, HP and Samsung did support last year’s show.)

Ms Singson said that the notion of creating this special marketing group was ‘one of the main results of the recent off-site meeting, as this project was identified and suggested by my board of directors’.

(The IDEA board held a ‘think tank’ retreat at a Queensland resort in August. As far as Photo Counter is aware, there has been no information from IDEA as to what other issues were discussed or decided at this gathering.)

Ms Singson also seemed to make an allusion to continuing support for PMA and perhaps  AIPP (without actually naming the groups) when discussing IDEA’s future structure. ‘Where work is already being undertaken well by other associations, we feel our role is to support those existing organisations wherever possible.

‘Strong trade associations for dedicated groups are a great help in educational programs and have long been supported by our industry which over the years has run to the tune of many millions of dollars, from what I understand.’ (This seems in part to be an allusion to the cross-subsidisation of the PMA conference from funds generated by the annual equipment show.)

Ms Singson had no updates on planning for a mooted trade exhibition in Sydney early next year, though she once again noted that it would be logical for PMA to be involved.

New website

IDEA is currently working on a major upgrade of its website, with Sydney-based web developer Rob Hanly working on the project.

‘We’re working to have both the IDEA Australia site and The Digital Show site revamped and improved,’ Ms Singson explained. ‘Our goal is to have our refreshed look and feel in some stage for presentation by the next AGM.’  (Scheduled for November.)

We’re working to have both the IDEA Australia site and The Digital Show site revamped and improved. Our goal is to have our refreshed look and feel in some stage for presentation by the next AGM.

To view the IDEA constitution, click here.






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  1. Phil G Phil G September 13, 2012

    I think IDEA is going down the CES track, traditional photo at least in the output side has no place in this.

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