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Funny photo videos

OK – it’s three weeks before Christmas and between the boss, the suppliers and the (‘I can get it cheaper on the internet, you know’) customers you want December to just hurry up and be over.

In the meantime…while you’ll have to sort out your own parody of the boss, we’ve scoured YouTube and come up with a couple of beauties featuring customers (though hopefully not your’s) and the supply side.

‘Look at this Instagram’ by CollegeHumor, to the Nickelback tune, ‘Photograph’.

The first, to the song ‘Photograph’ by Nickelback (arguably one of the most execrable bands of recent times), the comedy group CollegHumor has produced a spoof of Instagram hipsters and their propensity to post artful images of their feet, exotic cocktails (with plunging neckline cameos), aeroplane wings out the window, food on plates, sensitive self-pout-raits and the like.

Click here to check it out.

The Mirrorless Party, created by Jordan Drake, The Camera Store (Canada).

The second ‘The Mirrorless Party’, is a cute little stop motion video created by Canadian retailer The Camera Store, which casts a light-hearted and very knowing glance at the strengths and particularly weaknesses of the various makers’ mirrorless models, with a special focus on the ‘late-to-the-party’ Canon EOS M.

To view, click here.            


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