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Polaroid, John Rule to APS

October 27, 2010: Australian Photo Supplies (APS) has assumed exclusive distributorship of Polaroid Photographics Products for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, previously handled by Hagemeyer Brands Australia.

Robert Dessmann, managing director of APS, also announced that John Rule, formerly with Hagemeyer Brands Australia, will join APS as general manager, Polaroid Products, and be responsible for continuing to drive the business in both the Consumer and Commercial Markets.

Karen Hamer-Finn, also previously with Hagemeyer Brands, will be joining APS as technical field representative, Training and Support.

As part of these changes, APS will take over the functions of providing warranty and repair services to customers of Polaroid instant photographic products from November 1, 2011.

The transition for Australia is currently taking place and expected to be completed by October 31. APS is expecting to start shipping products to customers from November 2.

‘With Hagemeyer Brands Australia deciding to exit the Polaroid business we needed to find someone who had the structure, expertise and commitment to continue to drive the brand and business, and the synergies with APS fitted perfectly,’ said Mr Rule.

‘I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue my work with the brand which is quite iconic and still extremely strong.

‘Our customers will see little change to the way business is conducted. We have some new and exciting products about to be launched and will be sharing this information with you shortly.’

APS already is a major distributor for Kodak products as well as Canon and Epson wide format products, Unibind, Channelbind, Photo Story and a wide range of other lines which includes camera bags, frames, photo albums and photo gifting products. APS has also recently won new contracts for providing 3PL Warehousing and Logistics services for major clients.

Mr Dessmann said that APS will continue to support the photo channel and its loyal customer base while also looking to grow in other areas.

He said APS is building a strong portfolio of businesses, with APS Commercial recently being awarded contracts for surveillance film, and the aerial duplicating film business in Asia also showing good growth potential.

‘Our business’s all complement each other and our temperature-controlled warehouse facility ensures that product is stored and handled in the correct manner and within product specifications, he said.

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