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Kata debuts coats for cameras

September 1, 2011: Adeal has announced a range of Kata ‘elements covers’ for DSLRs and video cameras under its Pro-Light professional sub-brand.

The Pro-Light E-690 PL elements cover is designed for smaller DSLR cameras with zoom lens. When suddenly caught in the rain, it slips quickly over the camera so the photographer can keep shooting. Access is available to all camera and lens controls via the two side sleeves, and the transparent TPU enables easy monitoring all the time. A full-length double zipper provides bottom closure when hand held or on a tripod.

Available this month at an RRP of $70.

The E-702 PL protects a larger pro DSLR with up to 200mm lenses. It slips on quickly and is secured using adjusters and pull-cords. Access and monitoring is as with the smaller E-690. Available this month at an RRP of $100.

The E-704 PL consists of two lens sleeves; up to 350 and 650 mm long, and one hand sleeve to access the lens or to attach a lens support. The E-704 PL is designed to be attached to the E-702 PL when shooting with extra long zoom or telephoto lenses. Full length closure along the bottom rim enables quick setup and seals the tripod connection while providing an option to access the lens controls at any given point.

For sealed access, the hand sleeve can be connected wherever convenient. The adjustable stiff hood at the end of the lens sleeves fits itself snuggly to a variety of lens diameters.

Available now at an RRP of $115.

The E-705 PL elements cover protects a pro DSLR with up to a 70-200mm lens and professional flash installed. It is secured using the adjusters, and single-handed pull-cords. When additional length for extra long lenses is needed, the E-705 PL can be connected to the E-704 PL extension kit. (sold separately).

Available from September 16, it carries an RRP of $125.

Kata has also announced a range of elements covers for shoulder-mounted and hand-held camcorders, ranging from a model for palm-type consumer camcorders for an RRP of $40, through to full protective overcoats for large professional cameras with accessories attached.

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