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Integrated system for pro photographers from Lowepro

October 6, 2010: Lowepro and Maxwell International Australia have unveiled the Lowepro S&F™ Series of products, designed to optimise the workflow of pro photographers and increase their versatility in today’s fast-paced, multimedia-based environment.

First launched 12 years ago as ‘Street and Field’, this new modular carrying system, presented for the first time at Photokina 2010, addresses the needs of sports and event photographers and multimedia photojournalists who capture stills, video and audio as they work.

Fully integrated and designed to be flexible for a variety of shooting and recording scenarios, the S&F™ Series includes Lowepro’s innovative SlipLock system of attachment tabs and loops for adding and subtracting a wide array of compatible bags, cases and pouches.

‘The S&F™ Series begins with a core item like a belt and builds with a fully-integrated vest or harness,’ said Paul Gibbs, senior marketing manager at Maxwell International Australia.

‘A photographer assembles the right set-up for his or her work style and shooting location.

‘Lowepro’s designers outdid themselves in the development of this flexible, versatile modular carrying system, addressing a myriad of pro photography needs,’ he added. ‘Do you want to record sound? Put a mixer in the S&F Utility Bag 100 AW and add it to either S&F belt?

‘Will you change lenses during the shoot? Use the inventive S&F Lens Exchange Case 200 AW to make it happen one-handed so you don’t miss that critical shot.’

Inventive, protective and fast-access products make up the complete collection – from the compact S&F Memory Wallet 20 to the roomy S&F Transport Duffle Backpack.

The foundation of the system includes the S&F Deluxe Technical Belt, S&F Light Utility Belt, S&F Technical Vest and S&F Technical Harness (available as kits).

When either belt is worn with the vest or harness, a photographer can comfortably carry a heavy load, quickly access gear and adapt to fast-changing scenarios.

Design highlights

– Lowepro’s SlipLock™ system of attachment tabs and loops allows a photographer to build a custom system by adding compatible bags, cases and pouches to the core of the S&F™ series (belts, vest and harness).

– Purpose-built features are inherent in each S&F™ design. Case in point: the S&F™ Lens Exchange Case 200 AW, a one-handed, patent-pending system that enables a photographer to quickly swap lenses.

– Lightweight yet resilient professional-grade materials (such as YKK zippers and 3D mesh) are utilised in the construction of each S&F™ product to offer durability, comfort and protection.

S&F Series component list

S&F™ Deluxe Technical Belt provides a multitude of ways to organise and carry gear; it’s compatible with the harness and vest.
S&F™ Light Utility Belt is constructed of removable segments to size up or size down; includes a detachable shoulder strap and cable ports.
S&F™ Technical Vest provides a comfortable, tailored fit and supports a heavy load at the waist when paired with either compatible belt.
S&F™ Technical Harness relieves a heavy load when worn with either compatible belt; converts to a backpack when paired with a shoulder bag.
S&F™ Phone Case 20 is designed to fit and protect most smartphones – especially those with the capability to geotag important locations.
S&F™ Memory Wallet 20 fits up to 12 CF or SD cards; opens like a book; and easily secures to a belt loop or key chain.
S&F™ Bottle Pouch provides a snug fit for a water bottle or canteen (not included), keeping hydration close at hand.
S&F™ Quick Flex Pouches (55 AW & 75 AW) allow quick access to a flash, radio or other medium-sized accessory; includes an All Weather AW Cover™.
S&F™ Utility Bag 100 AW provides versatile storage space for photography and audio gear such as camera bodies, binoculars, mixing units, batteries.
S&F™ Filter Pouch 100 is designed to protect and organize up to 10 large rectangular or square format filters; includes a colour-tipped dividing system.
S&F™ Lens Exchange Case 200 AW features a patent-pending function that allows the user to change out a lens with one hand, increasing ease of operation and speed.
S&F™ Slim Lens Pouches (55 AW & 75 AW) offer freedom of movement while wearing and a lean profile when collapsing to pack in a larger bag.
S&F™ Laptop Utility Backpack 100 AW carries a laptop and essentials on an assignment; use it “wired” to transmit images on-the-go.
S&F™ Transport Duffle Backpack is sized to easily carry a complete, work-ready S&F™ kit to a location.
S&F™ Audio Utility Bag 100 provides a modular, organised and flexible solution for photographers and videographers who carry audio gear.

Miore information: 1300 882 517. For more Lowepro product information, click kere.

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