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First Australian camera recyling program launched

April 29, 2010: Melbourne-based photo repair specialist Nittram Photographic Services has announced the implementation of a voluntary recycling program for old, unwanted and broken cameras and accessories.

The initiative, known as CameraRecycle Australia, will be available to specialty photographic dealers Australia-wide. With retailers set up as ‘Recycle Points’ this will allow consumers to bring their old, unwanted and broken cameras and accessories into the participating storesand simply deposit them in a recycle box. Once full this box is returned to Camera Recycle Australia for reuse and recycling.

The program has been trialed, mainly by members of the Photo Plus buying group, since February this year. Cameras go back to Nittram where they are stripped down to their component materials and these are sent off to specialist recyclers. Nittram also uses some recycled bits ‘n’ pieces for its spare parts inventory.

‘As cameras, batteries and many photographic accessories are not biodegradable, and many consumers are trading up…we are encouraging stores to have their customers clean up their homes, dig out these old cameras from their drawers and bring them to the store for recycling,’ said Nittram managing director, Tim Gledhill.

Over 90 percent of the plastics and metals in cameras, batteries and accessories can be recovered and used as raw materials to make new products such as stainless steel, plastic park benches, plastic fence posts, garden edging, tree spikes and much much more.

Cameras may also contain small amounts of potentially hazardous substances which, if not handled correctly at the end of their lives, can harm the environment.

‘The CameraRecycle Australia initiative allows us to prevent cameras, batteries and accessories ending up in landfill where they can cause pollution by slowly breaking down and leaking chemicals into the surrounding soil. By recycling them, you protect the environment and assist manage the environmental impacts in a socially responsible manner.

‘We want to contribute to the bigger outcome, and get specialty photographic store involvement Australia-wide. After all, it’s not our future we have to worry about, it’s all those that follow in our footsteps.

‘This is a positive project in its infancy, but expected to gain momentum as more and more retailers register their interest to participate and become a “Recycle Point”.’

Retailers who register to become a ‘Recycle Point’ will receive a full package of materials including recycle boxes, pre-paid mailing stickers, posters and Frequently Asked Question information sheets to assist and inform all staff in-store about the recycling initiative.

In addition, Recycle Point stores can also benefit from free publicity in their local community by raising the awareness of their store as a CameraRecycle Australia Recycle Point. Nittram is providing a do-it-yourself PR kit as part of the program.

CameraRecycle Australia will be exhibiting at the PMA 2010 Digital Life Expo at stand 432 (Nittram Photographics) where dealers can receive full details of this new initiative, and can register their interest to participate.

For further information contact:: Tim Gledhill,, 03 9872 4433

NOTE NEW ADDRESS: Nittram Phootgrpahics has moved to new, larger and more modern premises which will incorporate the Camera Recycle initiative:
Nittram Photographic Services.
Unit 15, 41 – 49 Norcal Rd, Nunawading, VIC, 3131
PH: (03) 9872 4433
Fax: (03) 9872 3422

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