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Canon product offered on online shopping club

October 7, 2010: Online shopping club BrandsExclusive has added Canon to its stable of brands.

Since originally posting this story, Canon has contacted Photo Counter to explain there is ‘no direct relationship whatsoever’ between Canon and BrandsExclusive, with the online seller apparently sourcing product from Ingram Micro. (Even though the website endeavours to give the impression the relationship is direct with Canon.)

BrandsExclusive was established in 2009 to sell fashion and lifestyle products. Canon appears to be the only technology lifestyle brand currently on offer, with most campaigns centred on clothing and fashion.

Each day, the 600,000 BrandsExclusive members receive an email communication advising them of current sale campaigns, which last less than a week. Products are offered at prices discounted up to up to 70 percent. Membership is only via invitation (with members passing on invitations to other members). Members receive a $10 credit towards their next purchase when they find a new recruit.

BrandsExclusive does not hold inventory. It will run a campaign then place an order with the distribution partner (in this instance Ingram Micro). A bulk delivery from the distributor to BrandsExclusive is then broken up into customer orders and shipped.

The Canon 500D twins lens kit is being offered on the site with bonus Canon DSLR backpack, remote unit and SanDisk 2GB card for $1249, compared to the ‘crossed-out’ RRP of $1837.

It appears that the product offering to date is run-out models. The G11 is also on offer, for $589.

‘There are two ways to throw a party,’ BrandsExclusive co-founder Daniel Jarosch told retailing blog, ‘One is to invite everybody, advertise it on billboards everywhere and let everybody in.

‘The other is to be secretive, make a door list and let celebrities in to create a certain desire amongst people – a desire to get in.’

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