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Nikon developing 85mm f1.2, 26mm f2.8 lenses

Nikon has announced it has begun working on two Z lenses – the NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S mid-telephoto prime lens and the NIKKOR Z 26mm f/2.8 wide-angle lens – and they will be available some day in the future.

It’s a development announcement, meaning Nikon cannot provide much substance given the engineers are still working on it. Given that camera companies usually release and update lens roadmaps, these announcements serve as little more than confirmation of information that’s already known.

There are so few details available that even Nikon’s public relation’s agency only managed to cobble together four paragraphs on the topic.

And here are the two most interesting:

The NIKKOR Z 85mm f/1.2 S is part of the S-Line1 NIKKOR Z lens series, and realises both superior rendering performance and large, and beautiful bokeh. It expands possibilities for users capturing portraits in genres including weddings and fashion.
The NIKKOR Z 26mm f/2.8 achieves outstanding slimness and lightness, as well as high rendering performance, making it an ideal lens for advanced amateur photographers who take their camera everywhere so as not to miss a moment.

Nikon permitted a journalist from photo news aggregator, Petapixel, to hold the 85mm f1.2 lens for an ‘exclusive’ that shows the cumbersome emu egg-sized lens in a man’s hands. So it’s apparently reasonably far along in the development cycle.

The roadmap, which doesn’t include the aperture size, also includes the following lenses that are yet to be announced: 35mm, 135mm, 24mm, 170-180mm, 12-28mm, 200-600mm. Stay tuned for their development!

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