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Image Makers hosts copyright talk

Image Makers Association Australia (IMAA) will host an hour-long talk about all things copyright with successful photographer and IP expert, Chris Shain, on May 10.

Image Makers is hosting a talk by Chris Shain (pictured). Photo: Simon Anders.

IMAA is a new national photo association for commercial photographers with a strong focus of advocacy and education. The event, running online from 730pm, is free for IMAA members, and is $27 for non-members.

As well as running a successful business, Chris served as an Australian Copyright Council director for eight years, and has continuously gone into bat for professional photographers when there are reviews of copyright law. His copyright advocacy efforts through the ACMP and AIPP were crucial for photographers, and without his input the industry’s voice may not be heard.

For example Chris had direct meetings with Federal Government Department of Communications and the Arts in 2018 to explain how Orphan Works exception to copyright infringement could impact photographers. In 2016 he spoke to a Productivity Commission on behalf of the AIPP to dissuade the recommendation of adopting a US-style Fair Use exception to copyright infringement. And he assisted in drafting numerous documents outlining the photographer’s perspective in regards to copyright, and has advocated for a small claims court.

He’s now teamed up with IMAA to give a talk. Here is the event description:

Chris Shain is a very successful business to business photographer, having worked on location for corporate, industrial and architectural clients for 40 years.

In addition to his own practice, Chris has made an immense contribution to the photographic industry; he was first elected president of ACMP, was awarded life membership of AIPP in 2016 and served as a director of the Australian Copyright Council for 8 years. Chris continues to work with the Government lobbying on behalf of the professional photographic community.

Chris is NOT a lawyer. He is a photographer though and is offering to share his significant and incredibly valuable experience in dealing with IP lawyers around licencing and copyright issues for photographers and his first-hand experience as an expert witness for a couple of significant legal cases involving photographers’ Copyright claims.

He will also discuss why it’s important to register with Copyright Agency and how you go about doing that along with covering some basic terms & conditions that are vital to consider.

Chris will talk about some important copyright issues, lots of reminders about best practice and why it’s important – boring, but REALLY important for your economic survival.

Click here for more info.

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