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Camera Clinic to close its doors

After 50 years serving Australian photographers, Australia’s leading camera repair business, Melbourne’s Camera Clinic, is closing its doors from April.

An announcement to customers from the Rogers family, headed up by Camera Clinic founder and photo industry pioneer Laurie Rogers, stated; ‘It is now with much reflection and much sadness that the Rogers family has decided to close the doors on our much-loved Camera Clinic.’ Daughter Nicki Rogers has been running Camera Clinic in recent years while son Wayne Rogers is recognised as one of Australia’s leading camera technicians.

Camera Clinic, located at Easey Street, Collingwood, will wind down activities from now and ‘as of April 1 will will cease taking the majority or work.’

Camera Clinic has identified Covid as the chief culprit for the closure: ‘The struggle and ongoing effects of continual lockdowns over the past 2 years has had a major impact on our business and that of our many clients,’ the email to customers explained.

It appears that not only has Camera Clinic’s customer base shrunk, but that staffing has been impacted by Covid:  While Camera Clinic was ‘good to go’  at the start of this year, ‘the realisation that our customers had not returned to their working lives and understandably our staff, too had altered their work life balance’ provoked a re-consideration.

Camera image sensor cleaning will continue to be offered by appointment.

Camera Clinic will continue to ‘work behind the scenes’ to honour its six-month warranty for repairs; continue its Leica authorised repair business, continue to handle repairs on behalf of Protog and Vitec (Manfrotto); and continue to honour its service agreement with Victoria Police at least until the end of the financial year.

Camera Clinic will also continue to carry out sensor cleaning by appointment.

The ‘Image by Design’ business, which operates from the same premises and undertakes sophisticated camera alterations such as camera array modifications and infrared conversions, will continue in business.

The news was met with universal regret from loyal Camera Clinic customers commenting on its Facebook page:

Kirstie-Lee Smith: This is the sadness news! What will the industry do without all your amazing service and support?!Thank you for answering the countless phone calls I have made to you, last minute urgent orders you managed to get sorted, recovered cards and just awesome service you provided over the years. Best of luck for the next chapter.
Suzanne Balding: Completely shocked and saddened by this news and I respect the angst that would have been a part of this decision. There is nowhere else that I have trusted my beloved Nikons. I wish everyone the absolute best with whatever the future brings.
Robert Gray:Sad news… much love and thanks for your years of support and friendship…just as well Laurie managed to renew my manual lenses a year or so ago. I felt honoured that he did.
Ruth Maddison: Shocked and sad to read this. Camera Clinic an important part of my professional life since the 1970s. Laurie, Barb, and family and all who worked their – terrific people always doing terrific work. Best wishes to
Simon Fox: This is an absolute tragedy. I have been coming to you guys for over 35 years. My heart goes out to Laurie, the Roger’s family, Nicki and all of the staff at Camera Clinic who have been a constant support to us all and our businesses. They have kept our cameras, lenses running smoothly and when we have a crisis with our gear they have been there for us 100%. The Photographic community owe you much and you can all be proud of the support you have given the photography community.
Rodney Marchant: What a shame, I have used them for 40 odd years ans would recommend them to anyone. Could give most Aussie companies a lesson in customer relations too.



  1. Andrew Andrew February 28, 2022

    I’m so very saddened to hear this news. I only wish I could have been able to spend more on camera and lens services with Camera Clinic over the last 2 years. But alas, the commercial reality in my professional work and business over this Covid period has also been extraordinarily meagre. I simply do not know what I’ll do in the future, when invariably, I will soon enough have a need again for their exceptional services. I am some what relieved to hear that Imaging by Design will continue. Wayne’s expertise has been nothing short of exceptional, having performed a number of extraordinarily sophisticated custom mod’s to both cameras and flash systems for me.

  2. Andy McCourt Andy McCourt February 28, 2022

    I am so sorry to hear this news. I worked with Laurie in the late 1970s and had the joy of meeting up with him again in 2019 at the Hanimex old boys reunion with guest of honour Ralph Goodman. There is an ever-diminishing number of good technicians who can even do a proper CLA on old film cameras. Happy trails Laurie and family, thanks for the memories!

  3. Peter Rose Peter Rose February 28, 2022

    Laurie….. whilst you stepped back from day to day involvement some years ago, your legacy was clearly followed by Nicki and Wayne. All the team were courteous ,helpful and always friendly.You should all be proud of the reputation you rightly earned.
    You were also a great supporter of PMA in Victoria and volunteered your time and energies as a State Vice President Thank you Laurie for what you contributed to the photo industry.
    Best wishes Peter Rose

  4. Pamela Thomas Pamela Thomas March 1, 2022

    To Mr Laurie Rogers and the Camera Clinic Team
    I have just become aware of the closing of the Camera Clinic. I am not a business photographer, but an enthusiast whose either very old or new camera equipment have been taken care of by the wonderful supportive Camera Clinic Team for many years. I thank you all for your generosity, understanding, advice and assistance. My first “serious” and favourite camera is a black Nikkormat EL (ELW) purchased second hand from a former The Age news photographer, which I intend to begin using again along with my digital cameras. Your professionalism is second-to-none and will be greatly missed.
    Take care, Pamela Thomas

  5. Chris Parks Chris Parks March 5, 2022

    Sorry to hear this Laurie. So much an institution and much appreciated back up one could rely on.
    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Laurie since he used to do house visits to pick up your gear or even help out with your lab gear. He saved our bacon so often. Getting me, my original colleagues and the renowned Herman Baurer out of trouble. And always with the minimum of fuss and friendliest of attitudes.
    Miss you mate and stay well.
    Chris Parks

  6. Jim Nicholls Jim Nicholls March 12, 2022

    It’s a sad reflection on the imaging business that we no longer seem to have the density to support services from people like the Camera Clinic, who in turn helped support the industry back through membership of industry bodies. In my case the Institute of photographic Technology.
    Thank you so much Laurie, family and staff for your dedication, craftsmanship, and passion for the industry over so many years.

  7. David Duprez David Duprez August 8, 2023

    So very sorry to hear the news.
    Thank you to all the team for your excellent service and friendship over many years.
    All the best

  8. Janet Janet September 23, 2023

    This is not good news at all.

    Where do we go now to have this type of service ?

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