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Canon picks AI camera for next release

According to the Canon Rumors website, a new AI-equipped camera will be announced by Canon ‘quite soon’, having been shown as a concept camera  at CES in Las Vegas last year, and the Photography Show in the UK prior to that.

The new Canon AI-driven camera is expected to look something like the concept camera shown at The Photography Show in 2018. (Source: PGN News)

It’s worth noting that the now-released Canon Powershot Zoom was also shown as a concept camera at the same CES show.

Another report has the camera being released next Friday, January 29. Canon Rumors says this ain’t no rumour, it’s a fact, although speculates when it comes to the name, guessing it might be called the Canon Powershot AI. A more likely name, according to reports today, is that it will be called the Canon Powershot Pick. Or PICK if you like ungrammatic capitalisation.

Shawn C Steiner, writing in the B&H blog Explora, described the camera thus: Putting it on your desk for webcam use, placing one in a corner to act as a baby monitor or pet camera, or functioning as a discreet security camera are all viable uses. I would even consider it useful for parties or weddings to serve as part of a digital guestbook setup or photo booth. There are also voice commands and manual shooting modes. Software can make the camera even more useful. Canon showed off a program that snapped a photo and then graded it based on whether people are smiling. It is not a far stretch to think this could be set up at a wedding, automatically take pictures when people are smiling, and sort out the images in which people are not.

Here are the very-much-subject-to-change specs provided by Canon Rumors:
– 12-megapixel,  1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor;
– 19-57mm 35mm equivalent zoom lens;
– Pans 170°, Tilts 110°;
– Electronic Image Stabilization;
– Dust and Waterproofing;
– Battery life of about 2.5 hours;
– Records to microSD;
– USB-C Port;
– Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.

In an recent interview Canon general manager, Image Communication, Takeshi Tokura indicated that Canon would be looking to expand in areas other than professional and hobbyist cameras as a response to the shrinking of the market: ‘We will increase the functions and services including the entry-level and increase the added value (of them),’ he said. ‘It is too narrow of a field of view to only produce interchangeable lens cameras.’



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