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Tamron 20mm f2.8 prime for Sony E-mount

With the announcement of the Tamron 20mm F/2.8 Di III OSD M1:2 (Model F050) prime lens  for the Sony E-mount (RRP $599) there are now three wide-angle prime lenses from the specialist Japanese lens manufacturer,  the others being 24mm and 35mm f2.8s.

The new lens focusses down to just 11cm for a maximum magnification of 1:2. It weighs 220g and is a fixed 64mm long, with internal focussing.  It has moisture resistant construction and a dirt-resistant flourine coating.

‘If you can own only one ultra wide-angle, it should be your first choice,’ the Tamron press release advises.

Press release:
Tamron 20MM f2.8 Sony E-Mount. Jan 2020

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