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Epson wide-format trade-in offer ending

If you have a dead parrot of a wide format printer gathering dust in a backroom, you only have until the end of the month to trade it in on a brand new Epson Surecolor model.

The 44-inch Surecolor P9560 is among the range which qualifies for the trade-in offer.

Doesn’t matter what brand it is, so long as your printer has a carriage of 24-inches or wider, and a 6-12 colour dye, pigment or gel ink system, Epson will discount a nominated amount off the purchase of a new Epson SureColor, ranging from the 24-inch P6070 right through to the 64-inch P20070.

You don’t even have to ship your old printer to Epson. In fact, they don’t want it! If it’s a Canon or HP, say, all they want is proof that you’ve (figuratively) put an axe through it within three months of receiving the trade-in cash.

But it’s even better if it’s a late model Epson (Stylus Pro 7890/ 7900/ 7900WT/ 9890/ 9900 or 11880): ‘The machine may be kept and remain operational.’  If you on-sell it you are obliged to inform the new owner its not eligible for any future Epson trade-in offers.

There’s a few more rules and regulations so read the T&Cs carefully.

It’s worth remembering the Federal Government’s instant asset write off in this context. Businesses with a turnover less than $50 million (virtually our entire readership, we woud venture!) are now eligible for the instant asset write-off for assets that cost less than $30,000 and were purchased and first used or installed ready for use prior to June 30, 2020.






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