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Hefty price rises for Fuji paper and film

Fujifilm will increase the worldwide price of all photographic film by a minimum of 30 percent, while Crystal Archive photo papers are subject to a ‘minimum double-digit percentage’ rise.

The ‘minimum double digit’ increase in silver halide paper prices will be a challenge to local labs using Fujifilm ‘wet’ technology.

The increased prices are to take effect from April 1.

The press release announcing the hefty increases attributed them to Fujifilm’s inability to absorb costs: ‘Over the past several years, Fujifilm has faced the rising cost of raw materials and logistics. In the past Fujifilm has absorbed some of the costs by undertaking intensive structural reforms and communalisation of production facilities, but as a responsible manufacturing company and to provide the high-quality products our customers expect, the company will institute a price increase.’

The press release further notes that ‘products, timing and percent increase may vary depending on market and regions.’

‘Fujifilm will continue to study the market demand, and make adjustments to product assortment as dictated by our customers and market conditions,’ the release concluded.

Fujifilm Australia lists five films on its website: Provia 100F and Provia 400X; and Velia 50, 100 and 100F. Quick Snap disposable cameras will also be included in the price rise.


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