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Copyright protection for Flickr Pro


Flickr has cut a deal with image copyright protection service Pixsy which offers Flickr Pro members a measure of protection from unauthorised use of their images.

Pixsy, which has been running since 2014 and has a presence in the US, Europe and Australia, monitors images (via ‘revolutionary reverse image search technology’) and when copyright infringement is detected the photographer is alerted and can then decide what action to take. Photographers have access to a comprehensive case resolution service to recover lost licensing revenue and damages, along with the tools to register images with the relevant copyright offices and send automated takedown notices.

Pixsy partners with an international network of law firms, working on a no win, no fee basis (you only get 50 percent of the final settlement) and on its website claims to have handled over 70,000 cases of copyright infringement, ‘returning millions of dollars to the creative industries.’ It cites over 38,000 members in over 70 countries, and even has an Australian phone number and address (although when Inside Imaging called we seemed to reach a call centre of some sort).

Flickr Pro members can select up to 1000 images to be monitored by Pixsy, with 10 takedown notices, ‘Protected by Pixsy’ watermarks and badges, and unlimited case submissions all free. (Pixsy’s usual charge for a 2000 image, 20 takedown notice subscription is US$19/month and they scale up from there.)

‘We want our photographers to feel comfortable sharing their work online. We offer clear controls for privacy and copyright, and we stand by our photographers in asserting their rights in the case that theft occurs,’ said Andrew Stadlen, VP of Product for Flickr. ‘Partnering with a company like Pixsy makes complete sense for our community and helps us deliver on what we believe is a core value for Flickr.’



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