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Aperture Conference goes full TEDx

The second Aperture Photography Conference will host presentations by six leading photographers at Sydney’s International Convention Centre on June 22-23, 2019.

Aperture Photography Conference claims to be the biggest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. The event has a TEDx Talks-style presentation format that offers attendees a glimpse into the life and work of each photographer.

The 2019 keynote speakers are landscape photographer Christian Fletcher, National Geographic photojournalist Ami Vitale, film stills photographer Jasin Boland, contemporary photographer Tamara Dean, conflict photojournalist Stephen Dupont, and ocean photographer Ray Collins.

Aperture Australia attendees will hear exclusive presentations from a select list of influencers in the field of photography, representing an impressive range of disciplines. These speakers will talk openly about their most iconic works, the gear they use, turning points in their career, and the raw reality behind their profession. At the core of this conference is an open opportunity to connect with the personalities behind the camera, and find your own inspiration from what drives their passion.

Presentations run for an hour, with TV journalist and keen photographer, Ray Martin, once again hosting a panel discussion at the end of each day.

Tickets for the weekend are $495 plus a booking fee. This is the same price as last year’s inaugural event, which attracted 625 attendees – an outstanding result for the first run.

The conference will also include a series of workshops, and a trade show featuring the likes of Panasonic, Fujifilm, Sony, Camera House, Momento Pro, Aquatech, and many others.

Check out the Aperture Photography Conference Facebook page for promotions and discounts.

Here’s Murray Fredericks talking last year about his lovely holiday to the Greenland ice sheet.

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