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70th year for Carters Photographics

One of Tauranga’s oldest and most iconic retail businesses, Carters Photographics, is set to celebrate its platinum anniversary this Friday (August 10), marking 70 years of customer service in the photographic industry.

Carters Photographics will celebrate this landmark anniversary with a photographic exhibition celebrating ‘Photography in the Bay’. In association with the Tauranga Photographic Society, Carters is exhibiting the works of local club members, many of whom are highly awarded both nationally and internationally. These people are masters of the craft, and the heart and soul of the photographic community.

Carters Photographics local owner, Matt Dunn, says a great deal has changed in the industry since Harold Carter first bought the photographic services from a pharmacy on The Strand in 1948.

‘Since then, we’ve had the advent of the Polaroid film, film SLR cameras, digital photography and phone photography. Carter’s has been at the forefront of photography’s ever- changing technology. We’ve always been early adopters of technology,’ said Matt.

In 2002 Carters bought Tauranga’s first digital photographic lab, a $250,000 investment in Tauranga. This machine has since been replaced with the latest environmentally-friendly high-res dry lab. Matt said this is the way of the future – machines with low power consumption, a small environmental footprint and broad colour gamut.

‘We can offer more options in printing than ever and it’s faster. We offer customers a more professional printing service and all services associated with the industry, such as restoration, scanning, enlargements and fine art printing, to name a few.”

Photography in the Bay will launch on August 10 at 6pm, at the Goddards Centre (old Cabbages & Kings site). The gallery will be open August 10 – 17, from 10am to 4pm.

PhotoCounter congratulates Carters Photographics, Matt Dunn and his team on attaininbg this milestone. Only a handful of photo businesses in Australia and New Zealand are so long-lived.


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