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Affordable sheet-fed photo scanner from Epson

An interesting Photokina release which slipped under the radar is the Epson FastFoto FF-640 high-speed photo scanner.
It’s a sheet fed scanner that can scan a 6×4-inch print at 300dpi in as little as one second. It retails in the US for around US$600 but Epson currently has no plans to launch the unit in Australia. 

Featuring a 30-photo auto feeder, FastFoto scans photos to a designated hard drive, and offers tools to support easy uploading to services such as Facebook, Dropbox and Google Drive to share with family and friends (or customers).

Unlike most scanning solutions, FastFoto scans both the front and back of photos and postcards in a single pass, capturing valuable dates and personal handwritten notes. Epson’s scanning software also features a unique naming system to organize photo collections with recognisable file and folder names, searchable metadata, and a capture date that aligns with the date of the photo, not the date the image was scanned.

Epson’s Smart Photo Fix (SPF) Technology ‘refreshes’ old photos with colour restoration, red-eye reduction and auto enhancements. The scanner has Dynamic Skew Correction (DSC) and a multi-roller paper feed design to automatically correct the angle at which a photo or document enters the scanner.

FastFoto also includes a special handling sheet to protect small, old, damaged, or fragile photos, while a sensor helps avoid missing any photos or mis-feeds. Auto Size Detection makes it easy to scan multiple sizes in a single stack.

In addition to photos, the FastFoto scanning system can serve as a document scanner, running as fast as 45 ppm/90 ipm2. FastFoto 640 Photo Scanner will scan documents to email, an online storage account, or any folder on your PC. FastFoto includes a TWAIN, is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and includes OCR software for creating searchable PDFs or scanning into editable formats.

– High-Quality Scans – Scan images from wallet-sized to panoramic photos at up to 600 dpi;
– Smart Photo Fix (SPF) technology, red-eye reduction and color enhancement features;
– Single-Step Technology – Single scan captures image and handwritten notes on the back;
– Special Design – Special handling sheet, custom rollers and paper path to accommodate fragile photos; 
– Scan and save documents and memorabilia as fast as 45 ppm/90 ipm.



  1. Cinderella Cinderella July 16, 2017

    Not a comment but a question or three – sorry !
    WHY doesn’t Epson have plans to launch the FF-640 in Australia?
    Why in the US and elsewhere and NOT Oz?
    What’s wrong with our money?

    • Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | July 17, 2017

      Good questions – you would think they would sell a few given the cost and performance. I’ve asked Epson if they care to respond…Would be expensive to bring in from, say, B&H given the weight, I guess…

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