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Something (not sure) about Kodak Moments

Kodak Alaris has announced a new version of its Kodak Moments app. Or possibly written a new press release about its old Kodak Moments app. It’s hard to tell.

Press releases were initially aimed at communicating the features and benefits of a new product or service – with a positive spin, naturally. Readability was seen as a virtue. In recent years its been increasingly challenging to winkle out the salient facts from the breathless ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ and pompous overstatements of the PR people, but the latest effort from Kodak takes the cake – it’s an absolute corker! PhotoCounter is unable to tell you what, if anything, marks this version of Kodak Moments from the last. We do know, however, from store feedback, that the last version was frustrating for both customers and store staff.

Bug-fixesUPDATE: We browse the local iTunes store and this is what the update apparently amounts to…What’s New in Version 2.3: Bug fixes.


– But don’t take our word for it that this is a leading contender to date for ‘Worst Marketing Communications (Single Item category) of 2016’.

Here is the full release in all its language-mangling, lily-gilding glory:

New Visual Storytelling Capabilities Elevate Photos to Memorable Moments
Kodak Alaris today introduces a new experience for consumers: visual storytelling that transforms important photos into rich stories worth sharing with the new Kodak Moments App.

The new Kodak Moments App offers narrative tools that will enhance photos with beautifully designed text, block quotes and more. Users are prompted to craft stories to elevate their photos into vibrant and meaningful moments and awaken the storyteller within everyone. Moments can be shared within the app, as printed images or more widely on any social network.

A recent Kodak Alaris survey of 760 US respondents who actively use social networking sites and apps showed that 65 percent of the participants feel that social media is ‘superficial’, and 64 percent voiced concerns about their family’s privacy on social media. The new Kodak Moments App is meant for a growing number of consumers who seek reprieve from the seemingly endless number of selfies, meaningless hashtags, and sponsored posts that saturate social networks today. The experience is also completely ad-free, ensuring one’s Kodak Moments App news feed is a place for the most memorable moments.

Noteworthy capabilities (note they don’t state they are ‘new capabilities’) of the Kodak Moments App include:
Captions: Tell thoughtful stories about important moments with tastefully designed text, layouts and dramatic block quotes;
Pictures: Turn powerful images into memorable moments with easy-to-use photo editing tools;
Sharing: Share moments safely and securely via the Kodak Moments App or as printed products. Stories can also be shared with wider audiences on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and more.
Inspiration: Follow like-minded people; see how they tell their stories and share their moments. Users get notifications whenever friends start to follow their Kodak Moments or have liked one of their Kodak Moments; 
Storage: Your moments will be stored with original image quality, including high-resolution.
Ad Free: The experience is completely ad-free.

‘The Kodak Moments App is for people who want to tell their stories as a form of self-expression and identity. It’s for people who want their important photos to rise above the clutter and stand out by creating visual stories,’ said Nicki Zongrone, president of Kodak Alaris’ Imaging Consumer (sic!!) Division. ‘With the multi-dimensional storytelling capabilities of the Kodak Moments App, we bring the idea of Kodak Moments into the digital age, bridging the physical and digital ways that people share their memories.’

The (35-megabyte) Kodak Moments App is available now for download in the Apple App Store for iOS devices. Existing Kodak Moments App users can download the latest updates to enjoy new features. Kodak Moments App for Android will be available in spring 2016.

The Kodak Moments App also offers a simple way for users to wirelessly transfer images to a Kodak Picture Kiosk and create prints, greeting cards, collages, photo books and more.

And accompanying the awful press release came news of this failed and no doubt hugely expensive launch event:

Experience the KODAK MOMENTS App at SXSW 2016

Kodak Alaris’ marcom budget at work: ‘The Memory Observatory’. This publicity event (whatever it actually was) seems to have been a major flop, with virtually no acknowledgement on the Kodak Alaris’ Facebook page or Twitter account.

For those attending SXSW 2016, Kodak Alaris has partnered with famed artist Marcos Lutyens to create a physical manifestation of the Kodak Moments App called ‘The Memory Observatory.’ The interactive installation will debut on March 12 at the Austin Convention Center, bringing to life the new app’s unique capabilities: making moments more memorable, sharing moments in a safe space, and keeping artifacts of your moments so they can live on. Visitors will have the opportunity to transform a favourite photo into a journey of senses from colour, to sound and smell. For more information about ‘The Memory Observatory’, visit:




  1. HarveyG HarveyG March 31, 2016

    After reading the press release I had a ‘vomit moment’, then went to the Apple app store and read all the negative reviews…..I might give it a miss!

    • dave dave March 31, 2016

      If you think the reviews on that app are bad, better check out the reviews of the Fujifilm transpix app. for both android and apple. store.

  2. alan logue alan logue March 31, 2016

    The moments app that we have in Australia works very well for us, and our customers. I have no complaints about it. BUT it is a mere shadow of what is available in the UK and NO ONE at Kodak Alaris in Australia is doing ANYTHING to bring these improvements downunder. Truth be known, I doubt Kodak alaris actually still exists in Australia based on their total lack of communication with small miniabs and stores. I’m sure K Mart and Officeworks are getting better service than we are, because if I were them, I would be rethinking my links with Kodak. I know they know what is available in the UK, but silence is their answer!!!!!!!!
    Come on alaris, come out from under your mushroom and tell us what you are going to do for your Kodak Express stores this year – you might remember us – we support you by using your products.

    • Keith Shipton Keith Shipton Post author | April 1, 2016

      Alan with your skill set and sense of customer service I’m not surprised you have made it work for you. But at my local pharmacy where they replaced their Photo Express kiosk (that’s a story which deserves some scrutiny!) with a Kodak tablet the staff suddenly find themselves with something urgent to do at the other end of the shop whenever a customer approaches the ‘yellow peril’.

  3. Kerwin Ross Kerwin Ross April 1, 2016

    Having supported Kodak for 21 years this June, I have never experienced anything like the current communication(or lack thereof). I’m truely lost for words. I no longer have any faith whatsoever in the brand. We will only pursue using the products purely because we have an ageing population and Kodak is still relevant to them.
    Kodak Alaris have plenty of opportunity to liaise with the KEXDS stores but have refused to do so. Absolutely disgusted…
    It truely is time for the distributors around the world to step up and participate with their local photo specialists.
    Kerwin Ross

    • alan alan April 1, 2016

      Keith, We don’t have the tablet thingy, we just have 7 normal kiosks, so I don’t know what the issues are with the tablet. Kerwin has echoed my thoughts about alaris and their seeming lack of ANY worthwhile communication with members of a group who have supported them through good times and bad. I am the same as Kerwin – our customers recognise the brand name, and we will continue to trade off it, but with no help from Alaris.

  4. alan alan April 4, 2016

    I thought I would add that I don’t have any issues with our Kodak Distributors (and no, they have not called me!!!). My issues with Kodak Alaris are improvements and additions to the app that is in use in Australia.

  5. VOR VOR April 4, 2016

    …which begs the question…..have Kodak “Alaris” made any moves, company changes, management changes or even learnt from their mistakes post chapter 11?
    We get great service from the appointed agencies, but the “not so Big K” is making the same old mistakes with the same old personnel!
    I have no issues with the majority of their products, but if they continue to ignore the market and show the same old “yellow box” arrogance then chapter 11 will not be far away again!

  6. alan logue alan logue April 4, 2016

    They are a UK based company now – there is no Chapter 11 in the UK.

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