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Pros, resellers rally for AIPP Incite

The AIPP’s Incite event took place in Melbourne over last week end and early this week, with a increased attendance and solid feedback on the speaker line-up.

Mathew Luu and Richard Clarke, Lexar.
Mathew Luu and Richard Clarke, Lexar.

Approximately 380 people registered for and attended the show. This is significantly higher than previous years, as the AIPP combined its Nikon Event conference and trade show with the public judging of the Australian Professional Photography Awards.

Lisa Saad was named Australian Photographer of the Year. 

‘The general view is that it was the best APPA yet,’ said AIPP executive officer, Peter Myers.

He said there was a comprehensive visual record of the judging courtesy of Dean and Rochelle Morris from Preface Films. Click here.

The standout conference presentations, according to conference feedback, were from humanitarian photographer (and ex-comedian) David du Chemin from Canada, who spoke about travel photography and how to tell a story through photographs, and AIPP grand master Andrew Campbell, who thrilled and inspired the audience with his astrophotography.

Jon McBriar and Rudi Fernandez, JA Davey.
Jon McBriar and Rudi Fernandez, JA Davey.

In terms of numbers of exhibitors, the Incite 2016 trade show was the largest to date, with around 40 exhibitors including well-known names such as CR Kennedy, Lexar, DNP and IPS along with newcomers such as Amber, a Hong Kong-based photo book supplier, NISI, with its range of professional lens filters, and video specialist Animoto.

While it was fairly quiet on the exhibition floor when PhotoCounter dropped by, that was the morning after what was apparently a lively social event the night before. Most exhibitors anticipated more activity as the day progressed.

‘Incite was something totally new, and as such, gave as new opportunities and challenges, which will no doubt occupy our thinking when we decide on the next format,’ said Peter.

The APPAs. (Screen grsb from Dean and Rochelle Morris, Preface Films.)
The APPAs. (Screen grab from Dean and Rochelle Morris, Preface Films.)







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