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Nikon adds A-nother two Coolpix

Nikon Australia has announced two new entry-level Coolpix cameras, the A10 and A100.

nikon_coolpix_compact_camera_a10_high_resolution--originalWhile no pricing is supplied, they appear to be budget models, and have nothing to do with the premium APS-C format Coolpix A, nor the all-weather AW range. We now have five sub-categories of Coolpix – A, P, S, L, AW – plus the Coolpix A. In fact, the Nikon Australia website lists over 50 Coolpix models – that’s a thick alphabet soup!

A100 features:
– 5x optical zoom, plus 10x digital zoom ‘for impressive and detailed close-ups’;
– 20 megapixels, movie recording in 720p format;
– Target Finding autofocus with face detection and subject predictions
– Scene Auto Selector picks ‘the most appropriate scene mode’ from 15 options;
– Eight Special Effects options to choose from during shooting, and ‘Glamour Retouch’

A10 features:
– 5x optical zoom;
– 16 megapixels, with movie recording in 720p format;
• Scene Auto Selector, new ‘Special and Quick Effects’

For the full Nikon Australia press release: Nikon-Coolpix-A100-and-A10

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