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New Coolpix – now with Snapbridge!

CP+-dinkusNikon Australia has announced April availability of four new Coolpix compacts: the B700, B500, A900 and A300, all with 4K video recording, time lapse movies and Nikon’s new SnapBridge function for smartphone connectivity.

The A-series replaces the L-series cameras while the B-series replaces the P models.

All the new cameras have small 1/2.3-inch sensors (6.17×4.55mm), which distinguishes them from the simultaneoulsy-announced premium DL series, with 1-inch (12.8×9.6mm) sensors – five times the sensor area.

‘With new and improved features such as 4K video recording and superlapse movie creation, the new Coolpix range is designed to give everyday photographers greater flexibility and creativity in their image capture,’ said James Murray, director of sales & marketing, Nikon Australia. ‘The addition of SnapBridge connectivity is an especially exciting development, as it allows users to share their experience, be it images or videos, in real-time across their social network.’

Wtf is Snapbridge?
Snapbridge is Nikon’s low-energy Bluetooth connectivity ‘experience’, which gives the Coolpix B700, B500, A900 and A300 always-on smartphone connectivity. SnapBridge enables continuous and immediate transfer of images from the camera to a smart device as they are captured in real-time.

Location and image credit information can be embedded, and images can be automatically uploading to the Nikon Image Space storage area.

Nikon says that Snapbridge can also be used for remote shooting (via a Wi-Fi connection?) and lets users browse camera images on a larger screen, ‘even when the camera is turned off.’

Coolpix B700
Nikon-COOLPIX-B700The B700 combines a 60x zoom lens with as 20-megapixel backside-illumination CMOS image sensor. It shoots in RAW .

Autofocus is .09 sec. Enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR) has a claimed performance of up to 5 stops. Operation of the 60x zoom lens  is made easier with Snap-back Zoom and Side Zoom control buttons.

Snap-back Zoom shifts the zoom position to wide-angle for a broader field of view. Side Zoom Control allows users to control zoom while holding the lens barrel securely as to prevent unnecessary camera shake

As well as 4K movies with stereo sound in 3840×2160/30p format, a new ‘Superlapse’ (hat would be time lapse) movie function stitches together still images saved from a recorded movie into a 30 or 25fps fast-motion movie, even while recording in motion.

Multiple Exposure Lighten is a new function for photographing light trails. The camera automatically combines two or more images taken with interval-timer photography, for the best shots of fireworks, star trails and flying aircrafts.

Thr DSLR-like design includes an electronic viewfinder, equipped with an eye sensor, for easy switching between monitor shooting and viewfinder operation. The camera’s vari-angle TFT LCD monitor allows for convenient shooting from high and low angles, ‘with clear visibility even under direct sunlight’ according to Nikon. (Which if it were true would surely cause the screen to burn out the user’s retinas!)

Availability in black and red. No local price. US price is US$500.

Coolpix B500
Nikon-COOLPIX-B500– A 16-megapixel backside-illumination CMOS sensor and a 40x lens startring at 25mm;
Vibration reduction up to 3 stops;
– New mode dial, users can switch easily between 10 of the camera’s most frequently used functions;
– Wide-viewing-angle TFT LCD tilting monitor;
– Snap-back zoom, side zoom control;
– Portrait enhancing glamour modes such as ‘Smile-timer’, ‘Blink-proof’ and (my favourite) ‘Self-collage’;
– A new Creative mode also allows users to use pre-set effects for up to 36 creative options.

Available in black and red. No local pricing, US price is US$300.

Coolpix A900
Nikon-COOLPIX-A900– Small format, 35x zoom, 20-megapixel backside-illumination CMOS image sensor;
VR with 4-stop effect;
– Snap-back zoom;
– User control: Programmed auto, Shutter-priority auto, Aperture-priority auto and Manual; exposure control, scene mode changes, and movement of autofocus area when autofocus area is selected during shooting;
– 4K video recording with 4-Axis Hybrid VR and a time lapse (*Superlapse’) function;
– Creative and glamour modes a la B500;
– Macro mode down to 1cm;

Available in black. No local pricing, US price is US$400.

Coolpix A300
a300-20-megapixels, 8x (25mm) zoom, thin and light aluminium body;
– 3-stop VR;
– Macro down to 2cm;
– ‘Target-finding’ AF;
– HD (720/30p) video with 4-axis Hybrid VR;
– Scene Auto Selector, Panorama Assist mode, Smart Portrait Mode and Glamour Retouch.

Available is silver, black and red. No local pricing – or US pricing for this budget model.

For Nikon Australia press release: Nikon B700, B500, A900 and A300


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