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Olympus recalling faulty VG-170 compacts

Olympus has begun to recall and repair faulty VG-170 digital compact cameras, due to the body omitting a ‘mild electric shock’ when either the zoom level or shutter button is used.

olympusThe camera was sold in Australia between February 2012 and October 2012, and Olympus is reporting that some customers may experience a ‘slight numbness’ in their fingertips. However, it says only a small number of units are affected.

‘It has come to our attention that there is a possibility that a part of the VG-170 body might emit a mild electric shock during usage. However, this only affects a small number of units,’ Olympus said in a statement to the ACCC.

‘Due to this mild shock, you may experience slight numbness in your fingertips, but it is not strong enough to affect the user severely. For your safety, we would like to offer you a complimentary inspection and repair. Your patience and understanding of this matter is appreciated. We will do our utmost best to ensure the quality of our products for your use.’

Olympus issued the recall via the ACCC on Monday, August 10. Customers are advised to send their VG-170 in to Olympus Repairs Service Centre. Ground Floor, 82 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia.

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