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New drive links Apple devices to the world

The iStick, a new USB flash drive which connects to both iPhones and iPads as well as having a standard USB socket has been launched in Australia and is seeking stockists.

iStick animationThe iStick has an Apple Lightning connector at one end and a standard USB 2.0 connector at the other, with a small switch which exposes whichever of the connections is required. It comes with an app which gives users four main options: iPhone for accessing local files; iStick for viewing files on the drive; Contacts for backing up and restoring address book contacts; and Photo Library for backing up photos from an iPhone to the drive.

Backing up photos is simple, and allows the user to select multiple photos for transfer from the camera roll and other folders.

Files can be viewed on an iPhone/iPad or another device direct from the iStick, and streaming music, movies or documents can be accessed. It supports all popular media files types and has 12MB/s read and 7.5MB/s write speed to non-Apple devices and 2.5MB/s read and 1.9MB/s write speed to iPads and iPhones.

The iStick is Apple approved and comes in a range of capacities, from 8GB through to 128GB. Prices start at $99.95.

Local (and UK) distributor for the iStick, iFLY7, is currently selling the iStick direct to consumers online, but is seeking local stockists. Contact Jeremy Keight: or 02 8015 2572

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