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‘That’s not a zoom lens….’

– ‘…this is a zoom lens.’

The 60x Samsung WB
The 60x Samsung WB2200F looks like there’s something live inside it struggling to get out!

In addition to the NX30 and Galaxy Camera 2 reported on last week, Samsung also stole bragging rights for the longest focal length ‘compact’ camera from whoever had them last, announcing the world’s first 60x zoom compact camera, the WB2200F.*

In addition to its 20-1200mm f2.8-5.9 Hubble Telescope of a lens, the WB2200F has a regrettably tiny (1/2.3-inch) 16-megapixel sensor, WiFi, NFC, an electronic viewfinder (now that’s going to make the user a little queasy at 1200mm, even with OIS), vertical and horizontal handgrips, and large battery.

Samsung further announced the WB1100F, with a 35x lens, and three other here-nor-there compacts. (Hopefully not her,e because there are too many me-too compacts being force fed into a clapped-out market). They are the 21x WB350F, which replaces the 250F, the WB35F (a 12x version of the WB1100F), and the WB50F.

* But then along came Kodak cameras (JK Imaging) with the Pixpro Astro Zoom AZ651, offering a 65x, 24-1560mm equivalent optical zoom lens.

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