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Holiday pics and photo printing

In an industry with a plethora of industry organisations but no industry research, the net has to be cast wide for data. On his recent trip to Europe to attend Photokina, Paul Curtis pointed Photo Counter in the direction of the following survey from UK travel and tourism operator on holiday pics and printing.

travelThe survey, which garnered coverage in UK general press, comprised 2176 people who had been on holiday in the last 12 months. It showed the average holidaymaker has 447 images in their holiday photo collection. When asked if they ever printed any of their holiday photos for physical albums or to put in frames, 76 percent said ‘no, they stay in digital format forever’. While that could be seen as a major bummer, looked at from a positive perspective, that’s an order for 100 potential prints which is going to go somewhere. (Hopefully not the next Harvey Norman 8-cent promotion!)

When we asked how many of their holiday photos made the cut onto their social media pages (if any did, and they had social media) the average was 216 out of those 447, or around half.

Of the 89 percent of holidaymakers who actually take photos during their trip 66 percent used smartphones, 42 percent used a camera, and a surprising 27 percent used a tablet device

The respondent s were asked to analyse what type of pictures they took:
Pics_UK_Curtis– 127 landscape photos (beach, scenery etc);
– 62 resort photos (of local area, shops etc);
– 45 selfies (only that many?);
– 38 portrait shots (of individuals or groups);
– 33 nature photos (wildlife);
– 31 ‘mistakes’ (unidentifiable, blurred, blank screen);
– 26 swimming pool photos;
– 21 landmark photos;
– 16 hotel room/accommodation photos;
– 14 drink photos (cocktails, beers);
– 13 food photos;
– 10 photos of legs on sun lounger;
– 6 stray cat photos;
– 5 pictures of unknown people.

The helpful people at Sunshine concluded their survey with the following salient piece of advice: ‘After each holiday, we recommend printing all of your favourite photos and putting them in a physical album to look back through in years to come. If you don’t backup your digital files, you could end up losing your holiday memories forever!’

– It’s good to know someone is running some PR for the photo industry – albeit a tourism operator on the other side of the world…


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