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Film processing service in demand

Since opening its doors in September 2009, the Melbourne-based, ‘Digital Imaging Network’ – the fulfillment arm of Australian-owned distributor Photo Direct – has steadily grown its reputation as a trusted and efficient wholesale fulfillment company printing, processing and despatching thousands of online customer orders for photo books, calendars and canvas prints.

Film_Under Bob Ramsay’s direction the business has also moved into film processing and in the last 15 months the team has developed, scanned and despatched electronic files to hundreds of retail stores all around Australia.

(It’s worth noting that the Digital Imaging Network’s policy is not to compete with its customers. So for instance while Photo Create has an affiliated consumer-facing website, and a B2B website, Photo Direct’s Digital Imaging Network is dedicated to retailers. KS)

‘We’ve been able to fill a real gap in the market here, especially as a number of those independent stores who were doing film processing for other independents have closed their doors,’ said Bob Ramsay.

With further gaps opening up in the industry due to supply chain changes, the Digital Imaging Network team plan on offering even more services to its growing base of customers. For example, dye-sub products are still popular with consumers but can present a challenge for independent store owners. The Digital Imaging Network can assist those businesses which have their own dye-sub equipment, but want to be able to buy small quantities of dye-sub media rather than hold large quantities of unnecessary inventory.

With fast turn-around times and friendly service, the Digital Imaging Network team can also help smaller retailers fulfill a range of gift ideas including coffee cups, mouse-mats, tee-shirts, jigsaw puzzles and more.

‘As a result of the growing interest in how we can help independent and other customers, we’re now offering a broader range of services such as Video to DVD transfer and printing onto iPhone cases. Our other exciting offering is the production of customised, vinyl skins for popular consumer devices such as mobiles, laptops and game consoles,’ said Mr Ramsay.

If you’re interested in how the Digital Imaging Network can help your business make or save money, give Bob Ramsay a call on 03 94311777.

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  1. Ian Ian April 6, 2013

    I believe this service was setup as the fulfilment program for the Kmart / HP / Photo Direct Agreement. Now that is going pear shaped, we are the good guys. There are many other independent suppliers locally, who can supply these products. Please make contact and support you and them.

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